Respondus LockDown, Monitor and Instructor Live Proctoring for Students

Applications such as Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor are commonly used in distance education as an academic integrity solution to verify student identity for accreditation, and to help ensure students in an online or hybrid class are able to complete assessments fairly. 

Respondus LockDown Browser is a custom web browser that prevents a student from printing, copying, accessing other applications or content, or visiting websites on their computer during an online test. Test content or questions cannot be copied or printed, and students are locked into the assessment until it is submitted for grading.

Respondus LockDown Browser is supported on computers running Windows 7 through Windows 10 (not Windows RT) and Macs running OS X 10.10 Yosemite to macOS 10.15 Catalina. Chromebooks are not supported. Respondus offers support for Apple iPad tablets with LockDown Browser for iPad (not iPhone), please see LockDown Browser Requirements for additional details.

Working with Lockdown Browser, Respondus Monitor captures webcam video (and stores this content securely) during a test session in non-proctored environments. Monitor provides a secure testing solution for online or hybrid courses.  Your instructor is the only person able to review the recorded videos of test sessions. When Monitor is required for an assessment, students must have a webcam and microphone attached to their computer.

Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor are provided to students at no cost.


Introduction to Respondus LockDown Browser for Students

Introduction to Respondus LockDown Browser for Students



Technical support, login, error message questions, please contact:

Email: [email protected] 
Phone: (616) 331-2101 Toll Free: (855) 435-7488
Web Site: IT Services

Respondus LockDown Browser

Respondus LockDown Browser is a secure browser for taking tests in Blackboard. It prevents printing, copying, going to other URLs, or accessing other applications during a test. If a Blackboard test requires Respondus LockDown Browser be used, you will not be able to take the test with a standard web browser but instead will utilize a browser provided by Respondus during the exam.

For courses using LockDown Browser, you must install the free software onto your computer. You will not be able to access your exam until the software has been installed. Follow the instructions provided by your faculty member to download/install the Respondus LockDown Browser.

Download and install GVSU's version of Respondus LockDown Browser from this link:

A new Chromebook extension for LockDown Browser and Monitor is now available. If you are planning to use a Chromebook, you will need to access the regular LockDown Browser installation link for GVSU listed above (you will NOT be able to search for the app directly from the Chrome web store). The LockDown Browser installation link will redirect you to the Chrome web store, at which point you should select “Add to Chrome” to install the LockDown Browser Extension.

Several limitations or known issues have been reported when using Lockdown Browser for Chromebook. These limitations can directly impact your ability to complete the exam. Make sure to inform your instructor that you will be using a Chromebook so that any limitations can be addressed prior to the exam. Lockdown Browser and Monitor for Chromebook will automatically launch once you begin the exam.

Before starting your assessment, be sure to prepare your environment:

  • Find a location where you will not be interrupted.
  • To prevent distractions, turn off all audio sources in the environment (mobile phones, tablets, radio, tv, etc.) and also be sure there is no one else in the room or any movement in the background.
  • Remove any materials not permitted by your instructor from your desk and surrounding area (eg. books, papers, other devices etc.)
  • Reboot your computer prior to the start of the exam.
  • If possible, use a wired rather than a wireless connection.
  • Close all open applications on your computer except for LockDown Browser.
  • Avoid wearing a hat and be in a well lit room and avoid backlighting.
  • Place your laptop on a table or other sturdy surface so it will not move during the assessment period.

Launching Respondus LockDown Browser and Beginning at Test:

  1. Close all open programs.
  2. Locate the "LockDown Browser" icon from your desktop and double-click on it. 
  3. If prompted to close an open program, answer Yes or close the LockDown Browser and close the open program before restarting.
  4. You will be presented with the Blackboard LMS Login Page.
  5. Click on the "Sign in with your GVSU Network ID and Password" button.
  6. Login with your GVSU username and password.
  7. Navigate to your Course and locate the Quiz/Test.
  8. If the instructor requires a test password, a new window will appear asking for the Exam Password.  Enter the password and begin the exam. 
  9. If no password is required to take the exam, Open the quiz/test to begin.
  10. Save your individual answers. You can always go back to change your selection and save again.
  11. There is a final Save & Submit button that you will need to use at the close of the test.

Respondus Monitor

Your course may also implement the use of Respondus Monitor with LockDown Browser. The Respondus Monitor software uses a web cam with your computer along with a microphone to record you while completing your online exam in LockDown Browser. If Respondus Monitor is used, your computer must have a functioning webcam and microphone. A broadband connection is also required. Installing LockDown Browser on your computer also installs Respondus Monitor.

When taking an exam using Respondus Monitor, you may be required to show a photo ID and perform an environment scan by using the web cam to record your surroundings. A system’s check will be conducted prior to the beginning of your exam to ensure the webcam and microphone are working properly.

Students use a webcam to record themselves during an exam. A "startup sequence" includes a webcam check and other requirements set by the instructor, such as showing identification or making a short video of the exam environment. Only the instructor can review video recordings or data from the exam session.

Respondus Monitor automatically flags students for suspicious behavior, such as leaving the computer during the exam, or a different person entering the video frame. This, along with other data, provides useful information to the instructor about the exam session.


  • Some students may receive an error when LockDown Browser is performing the environment check.  Some antivirus applications that are installed on a student's computer can prevent the final check to complete.  

The recorded images captured during the online exam is similar to video captured throughout our daily lives at stop lights, an ATM machine, the grocery store, etc.  Captured images are securely stored and are only accessible through the course by your instructor. 

Respondus Instructor Live Proctoring

Instructors may choose to use the new Respondus Instructor Live Proctoring option while you take your on-line Blackboard quizzes and exams. This feature allows instructors to use a web-based video conferencing system to proctor the exam in real-time. Instructor Live Proctoring works with any web-based video conferencing system, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet. When accessing the online session, make sure to use the web-browser version of Zoom or other required platform in order to remain in the session after launching Lockdown Browser. 

Page last modified May 5, 2022