GVSU College Prep Week

NOTICE: At this time, we are still planning on holding both sessions of College Prep Week. Please note that we have rescheduled the family meetings until mid-May, as well as extended the application deadline until May 8. We will continue to update this page and our schools as information regarding public health evolves.

The GVSU CSO College Prep Week welcomes 150 high school juniors and seniors from GVSU charter schools to participate in a week of academic and cultural exploration. Students from across Michigan travel to Grand Valley State University to experience what it is like to be a college student! 

How To Attend

Students looking to attend the 2020 GVSU College Prep Week must complete the College Prep Week application prior to May 8, 2020. We believe that going through an application process will help prepare students when they are ready to start applying for college. Our application is a near replica of GVSU's application, giving students a real feel for what to expect when applying for college.

In the application you will be asked to provide some basic info and answer a few essay questions about your goals while attending GVSU College Prep Week. You will also be asked to provide a signed letter of recommendation. Applications will then be reviewed, with some students being accepted and others being placed on a waiting list. 

Applicants MUST currently be a sophomore or junior at a GVSU-authorized charter high school.

Important Dates

February 3, 2020 -- Application opens
May 17, 2020 -- Detroit family meeting
May 18, 2020 -- Grand Rapids family meeting

May 8, 2020 -- Application window closes
July 12-17, 2020 -- College Prep Week, week 1
July 19-24, 2020 -- College Prep Week, week 2

What To Expect

When you arrive to GVSU, you jump right in to a non-stop schedule that keeps you moving, learning, and having fun until you leave. Many of the activities focus on college preparation, personal growth, and stepping out of your comfort zone to try something new!

College Preparation

  • Stay in a living center
  • Mock classes with GVSU professors
  • Eat in dining hall
  • Meet with Financial Aid Dept.
  • Meet with Admissions Dept.
  • Creatively tour campus
  • Meet with GVSU students organizations
  • Motivational speakers from GVSU
  • Fill out college applications
  • Explore your learning styles

Possible Adventures/Activities

  • Sailing
  • Visit Lake Michigan
  • Zip-line
  • Kayaking
  • Sand dune ride
  • Laser tag
  • International sports night
  • GVSU Amazing Race
  • Museums & art galleries
  • High ropes course
  • Explore/shop downtown Grand Rapids
  • Rock climbing

Professional Preparation

  • Resume-building class
  • Mock interviews with GVSU faculty/staff
  • Social media awareness class
  • Financial literacy class
  • Team-building challenges
  • Essay writing class
  • Etiquette dinner

Student in Pre-Med class

group of students at the beach

seven students and a college counselor

The Staff


The GVSU College Prep Week is lead by Dr. Barry Hall II, the CSO's manager for charter through college programs. Dr. Hall - along with other members of the GVSU Charter Schools Office - plans the fine details of the week and is often working "behind the scenes" as the students participate in the day's activities.

Dr. Barry Hall II

Dr. Barry Hall II

College Prep Week Navigators

The GVSU Charter Schools Office recruits current GVSU undergraduate students to be "college prep navigators." These students are typically entering their junior or senior year of college and provide the high school students with insight about the college experience. They are with the high school students the entire week and accompany them to each event.


12 college students posing together

2019 CPW Navigators

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can attend the GVSU College Prep Week?
Students currently enrolled in a GVSU charter high school who are sophomores or juniors.

Is this a day program or an overnight program?
Students will stay overnight in a dormitory on GVSU's campus. 

How do the high school students get to GVSU?
The GVSU Charter Schools Office will provide buses for students traveling from the metro Detroit area. Parents are welcome to directly drop off their student, especially if they live close to GVSU and the Grand Rapids area.

Is there a cost to attend the GVSU College Prep Week?
Yes. There is a $40 fee. It is FREE to apply.

When do I need to pay my attendance fee?
You will pay it once after you have been accepted.  

What should students bring to GVSU?
A list of required and recommended items will be provided to students once they have been accepted, paid their fee, and completed their health form.

What happens in the case of a medical emergency?
The GVSU CSO provides a certified nurse for minor medical needs. The nurse is on-site at all times and accompanies the students wherever they go. In the case of an emergency, the nurse will contact emergency services and immediately notify the contact person listed on the student's medical form.

Does my student need to bring money?
No, they are not required to bring money. All costs for major activities and meals are covered by the GVSU Charter Schools Office. Students may bring additional money if they want to purchase items from the GVSU bookstore or personal snacks from the campus convenience stores.

How can I learn more information if my student is accepted?
Parents, guardians and students will be invited to attend an informational session with the academy's director in April.