GVSU College Prep Week

Each summer, the GVSU CSO College Prep Week welcomes high school juniors and seniors from GVSU charter schools to participate in a week of academic and cultural exploration. Students from across Michigan travel to Grand Valley State University to experience what it is like to be a college student.

Due to school closures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, College Prep Week will be completely virtual for the summer of 2020.

How To Attend Virtual College Prep Week

Virtual College Prep Week is available to all students from GVSU-authorized charter public high schools who will be entering their junior or senior year of high school in the fall.

Students looking to attend the Virtual GVSU College Prep Week only need to complete the Virtual College Prep Week registration form. After that, you are all set! Since we are going virtual, there is no fee for attending or additional forms to complete.

All registrants will receive frequent updates leading up Virtual College Prep Week on what to expect and how to best plan for the activities. 

What To Expect

Even though you'll be at home, you'll still get the opportunity to connect with current GVSU students, faculty and support staff, as well as other students from across the state. You'll also participate in other activities you would experience at College Prep Week, including:

  • Take simulation college courses
  • Go on virtual campus tours
  • Explore different majors that and programs that you may want to study
  • Learn about student organizations like fraternities, sororities, athletic clubs, and more
  • Build professional skills
  • Learn about the support services you can receive in college
  • Win prizes and swag bags!

At the end of the week, you'll receive College and Career Certificate that can enhance your resume when you apply to colleges or for jobs

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate in Virtual College Prep Week?
Any student who is enrolled at a GVSU-authorized public charter high school who is entering their junior or senior year.

Does it cost anything to participate in Virtual College Prep Week?
No! The program is free

How many students can participate in Virtual College Prep Week?
At this time, we are prepared to support 100-120 students

What type of technology do I need to participate?
You'll need a laptop, tablet, or cellphone, and access to the internet. You'll also need to be able to access and use certain Google tools (Google Docs, Google Sheets, etc.) and/or Microsoft Word

I want to participate, but am worried about technology being an issue. What should I do?
Please contact your high school counselor and let them know that you want to participate in the program. Your counselor will then work with GVSU to find alternative solutions to help you participate.

How much time will I need to dedicate to the program each day?
This program will be designed to be a self-paced program, giving you the opportunity to complete tasks as fast or as slow as you prefer. On average, students should anticipate dedicating 2-4 hours each day to the program to maintain a steady pace.

The Staff


The GVSU College Prep Week is led by Dr. Barry Hall II, the CSO's manager for charter through college programs. Dr. Hall - along with other members of the GVSU Charter Schools Office - plans the fine details of the week and is often working "behind the scenes" as the students participate in the day's activities.

Dr. Barry Hall II

Dr. Barry Hall II

College Prep Week Navigators

The GVSU Charter Schools Office recruits current GVSU undergraduate students to be "college prep navigators." These students are typically entering their junior or senior year of college and provide the high school students with insight about the college experience. They are with the high school students the entire week and will play a key role in many of the Virtual College Prep Week activities.


12 college students posing together

2019 CPW Navigators