Post-Visit Survey for 2022-2023 GVSU CSO High School Campus Visit

This form is to be completed after high students visit Grand Valley State University through the GVSU Charter Schools Office's campus visit program.

* denotes a required field

General Information


I am interested in going to college. *

I know the difference between a college and a university. *

There are many college majors/academic programs that I am aware of and that interest me. *

I do not have to choose a specific degree or major before I start college. *

In addition to grades, selective universities take extracurricular activities and work experience into account when considering applications. *

My high school counselor is a useful resource for preparing for college. *

I know what tests I need to take before I apply for college. *

I know where to look to find financial assistance for college. *

I know how to find and meet deadlines for college applications. *

I know where to look for online resources to help me with the college application process. *

I know the difference between grants, scholarships, and loans. *

I know what resources are available to me if I am struggling in college *

College class sizes are so big that it will be difficult for professors to get to know me. *

Building relationships with my professors and other students can help me succeed in college. *

There will be groups or clubs on college campuses that interest me. *

Comments and Suggestions

In terms of learning about college, how helpful was your campus visit to GVSU? *

Human Verification *

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