Pre-Visit Survey for 2022-2023 GVSU CSO High School Campus Visit

This form is to be completed by high school students prior to visiting Grand Valley State University through the GVSU Charter School Office's campus visit program.

* denotes a required field

General Information


I am interested in going to college. *

I know the difference between a college and a university. *

There are many college majors/academic programs that I am aware of and that interest me. *

I do not have to choose a specific degree or major before I start college. *

In addition to grades, selective universities take extracurricular activities and work experience into account when considering applications. *

My high school counselor is a useful resource for preparing for college. *

I know what tests I need to take before I apply for college. *

I know where to look to find financial assistance for college. *

I know how to find and meet deadlines for college applications. *

I know where to look for online resources to help me with the college application process. *

I know the difference between grants, scholarships, and loans. *

I know what resources are available to me if I am struggling in college *

College class sizes are so big that it will be difficult for professors to get to know me. *

Building relationships with my professors and other students can help me succeed in college. *

There will be groups or clubs on college campuses that interest me. *

Human Verification *

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