While we encourage family and friends to take the opportunity to visit COST participants in country and broaden their world views, we ask, PLEASE plan your trip for the end of the COST student's placement experience. There are too many new things going on for the student early in the experience for them to have the time and knowledge necessary to attend to your visit, and it can prove quite disruptive to a student teacher if people come during the school placement and especially during the period of full responsibility for the classroom program. Such a trip will be much more fruitful at a later time.

As you prepare to visit a COST participant in country, please keep in mind COST's no-tolerance policies. Our visitor policies can be found below. Read our travel policies in Weekend Travel. All policies can be found in the COST Student Code of Conduct.

Family & Friends

  • Visitors may not stay with the COST participant in COST-provided housing. Visitors must make arrangements for accommodation elsewhere. 
  • Visitors may not visit a placement classroom or school site while a COST student teacher is fulfilling their placement requirements.
  • COST participants and their visitors must seek written approval from placement school before any visit.

Significant Others

  • COST does not offer services for spouses or significant others abroad and cannot assume any related responsibility.
  • Significant others may not stay with COST participants in COST-provided housing. Accommodation must be secured elsewhere.


  • COST does not offer services for children abroad and cannot assume any related responsibility. 
  • COST participants with children must secure alternative living arrangements for their children while completing their placement abroad through COST. 


Violation of any policies found here and in the Student Code of Conduct is subject to non-refundable dismissal from the COST program.

Page last modified June 13, 2017