Zack | Mexico

Zack | Mexico

"I never would have met teachers and students from places such as Australia, France, Germany, China, Scotland, Britain, Brazil, and Spain without taking the leap.  I never would have made friends with colleagues who have worked internationally in places such as Japan, Spain, Canada, and Saudi Arabia, and many more who will continue receiving opportunities to go places such as Taiwan, Germany, South Africa, and China. A placement through COST means opportunity. Not simply opportunity for you, but also opportunity for your own future students. Whether I choose to take an opportunity to work in a place such as Taiwan (Job openings have already been forwarded my way) or not, I will inevitably take a better worldly knowledge back to my classroom so that I can ensure my own students are not simply knowledgeable of their own home, but of much of the world.  Find your inner explorer and get out there!"

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