Insurance Information
As you plan your participation in the COST program, we want to remind you of the importance of having adequate medical coverage for your time abroad. Your health and safety are extremely important, therefore COST requires all students to have health insurance coverage for the duration of your program. We hope the following information proves to be useful in the planning process.

COST Policy

  • All COST participants are required to show proof of sickness and injury health insurance that is valid in the host country for the duration of the teaching program. To show proof, you must provide the Insurance Provider Name and your Policy Number in the Insurance Information section of your online application.
  • As an adult individual, it is your responsibility to know your coverage and understand how your insurance will work for you while abroad.


It is strongly recommended that you have a thorough medical and dental examination prior to your departure for your study abroad program.

Keep in mind that all students have varying medical needs and that each program location will not provide the same health care services. We feel that you need to personally make an assessment of your needs while taking into consideration the location in which you will be living, what care will be readily available, and any special medical needs you may have.

Please take time to review your current coverage and any supplemental plans available to you.

Questions to ask your insurance provider 

We suggest that you make a list of insurance coverage you have, for example, your home institution's student plan or private carrier, or the International Student I.D. card (ISIC). ISIC provides basic travel insurance that fulfills COST's policy requirements. Visit their website for more information.

After reviewing your coverage, if you feel you do not have adequate protection, we can suggest a variety of supplemental plans specifically designed for international travel and study.

COST does not endorse any specific insurance plan; however, we can suggest some insurance carriers that have comprehensive coverage.

Optional Insurance Providers

Page last modified August 11, 2015