COST 2023 Annual Meeting & Conference | Registration

The COST 2023 Annual Meeting will be held in-person in Ourense, Spain!

Participation & Registration

Participation fee: $300
Please complete the form below and submit payment by credit card to register.

Each attending representative from your university must register separately.
If bringing a guest, please register the guest separately using the Guest Registration Form ($250).

Program Overview
Monday, May 1 –  Evening Reception
Tuesday, May 2 – Full Day Meeting and Dinner
Wednesday, May 3 – Full Day Tour of Santiago de Compostela
Thursday, May 4 - Full Day Meeting and Dinner
Friday, May 5 - Morning Meeting, School Visitations (TBD)

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Registration Information

We are thrilled to have you joining us!

If you are a COST Coordinator or other representative from one of our US member institutions, please select US University Coordinator/ Representative below. 

Once again, it is our pleasure to waive the registration fee and cover accommodation for the duration of the meeting (4 nights) for ONE overseas placement coordinator per site. Please select Overseas Placement Coordinator (primary) below. For each additional attendee from a given placement site, please select Overseas Placement Coordinator (secondary).

If you will have guests joining you (not participating in the meetings), please complete the separate guest registration form found on the website.

While the meeting officially begins with our Welcome Reception on Monday evening (May 1, 2023), the majority of you will arrive sometime over the weekend. If you already know your travel plans (or have a rough idea), please tell us in as much detail as you can when (date, time of day, etc.) and how (plane, train, car, etc.) you are planning to arrive in Ourense.

Information to help you plan can be found on the website. If you are still unsure, please let us know in the text box below if there is anything we can help you with at this time.

We understand some representatives will need to leave early, and others will like to stay a while longer. Please let us know below what your departure plans are, specifically when (date and time). If you are anticipating to stay in Ourense / Spain/ Europe for any time after the meeting, let us know your tentative plans at this time or if you have any specific questions about departure.

Food plays a big role in our international meetings. Please let us know if you have any specific dietary requirements. We will try our best to accommodate.

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