Application Essays

Hosts are particularly interested in the type of cross-cultural and teaching experiences you have had.  A complete COST application includes two (2) essays.  DO NOT include a preference for a particular location in your essay since we may need to send it to more than one site. This essay may also be shared with a prospective host family.

*Please include essay prompts at the beginning of each essay.
Attentiveness to grammar, spelling, and clarity is essential.
Save and upload your essay as a PDF into the application.

Please see essay prompts below.

Essay I

Write a brief essay (1-2 pages) describing your experiences working with children in school-based settings.  These experiences can include volunteer work, community or church related work, and experiences related to University coursework.  Indicate the amount of time you worked with each age group and in which types of activities you participated.   Be as specific as possible.

Essay II

Write a brief essay (2-3 pages) describing the events and experiences that led you to seek a placement through the COST program.  You may wish to include a description of your family, honors received, memberships in organizations, work, travel experiences, and language skills/ abilities.

Briefly describe your philosophy of education and the personal goals you hope to achieve through this experience.  Highlight any special area of interest that relates to your student teaching placement.  You should also explain why you are interested in student teaching through COST, and describe specific ways the overseas student teaching experience will contribute to your personal and professional development.

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