Advanced computing skills have never been more in-demand. GVSU has the programs to help you to stay ahead of the pack. If you're looking to advance in your profession, Grand Valley offers several, specialized graduate degrees in computing at the graduate level. 

Choose from the following degrees to prepare for or advance your computer science career.

Job Growth in West Michigan by 2024
GVSU Ranking as West Michigan Talent Provider
Median Annual Salary in West Michigan

Source: EMSI, 2020

Career Outlook and Opportunities

According to 2020 EMSI research data, computer science professionals interested in the applied computer science, cybersecurity, and data science and analytics professions will experience a 13% increase in job opportunities in the West Michigan area by 2024. The projected median annual wage for these fields is between $68,744 and $87,214 depending on major and job title. Choose your program of interest to see specific job titles that GVSU graduates often hold post-graduation.

The Skills Employers Want

The M.S. in applied computer science, cybersecurity, and data science and analytics degrees at GVSU will develop the skills you need to land the job you want. Whether the skills are advanced or general, you will build a resume of qualifications that are sure to attract employers. The following skills correlate with those pulled from actual West Michigan job postings in these areas.

Advanced Skills

  • Computer Science
  • Software Engineering
  • SQL (Programming Language)
  • Agile Software Development
  • Java (Programming Language)
  • C++ (Programming Language)
  • Java Script (Programming Language)
  • Business Process
  • Information Systems
  • Data Management
  • Big Data

Common Skills

  • Communications
  • Problem Solving
  • Management
  • Operations
  • Research
  • Written Communication
  • Leadership
  • Troubleshooting (Problem Solving)
  • Integration
  • Analysis
  • Information Technology

Visit your program of interest to see the skillsets specific to that particular program.

Source: EMSI, 2020

Course Offerings

  • M.S. in Applied Computer Science - The M.S. in computer information systems curriculum includes content areas for depth of study, electives for breadth, and a capstone project/thesis. Visit the Applied Computer Science academic programs page for more information.
  • M.S. in Cybersecurity - The cybersecurity program contains broad coverage of the discipline, preparing students to address a wide variety of issues across an organization. Theoretical concepts are complemented by hands-on application throughout the program. All students will complete a Capstone experience consisting of either a thesis or an applied project. Visit the Cybersecurity academic programs page for more information.
  • M.S. in Data Science and Analytics - The program requires a minimum of 36 credits. Requisite courses, from statistics, computer science, and professional science, provide students with a strong foundation in data science. This is an applied program for the working professional. Visit the Data Science and Analytics academic programs page for more information.


For more information on tuition and fees, please visit the costs portion of the GVSU Financial Aid website. For financial support, scholarship search, and filing for FAFSA, please visit the GVSU Financial Support website. If you have been previously enrolled at GVSU, your $30 application fee is waived. Note: Grand Valley does not charge a higher tuition rate based on residency. Tuition is based on the program in which you chose to enroll.

Are You A GVSU Alum?

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Admissions Deadlines

Applied Computer Science - For Fall 2020, the admission deadline for the Computer Information Systems program is July 15, 2020. The deadline for a Winter entry is October 15.

Cybersecurity - For Fall 2020, the M.S. in Cybersecurity's application deadline is July 1 for international students and August 1 for domestic students. Currently, the deadlines are November 1 for the winter semester; and April 1 for the spring/summer. 

Data Science and Analytics - The application deadlines are July 1 for the Fall semester and Nov 1 for the Winter semester. 


Not interested in the full degree? The School of Computing also graduate-level digital badges. A digital badge, or simply "badge", recognizes a student’s completion of a coherent and meaningful academic experience, but something smaller than the full MS-CIS degree.

A badge allows students to promote academic achievements online more effectively and in different venues than would be possible with a transcript. For example, you could link your digital badge to your LinkedIn and Facebook profiles. The university uses to issue badges. 

Digital badge opportunities in applied computer science at GVSU.

For More Information

M.S. in Applied Computer Science
Robert Adams, Ph.D.
[email protected]
(616) 331-2313

M.S. in Cybersecurity
Andrew Kalafut, Ph.D.
[email protected]
(616) 331-2309

M.S. in Data Science and Analytics
Jerry Scripps, Ph.D.
[email protected]
(616) 331-2311

Related Programs

In addition to the Data Science and Analytics programs the Professional Science Masters also includes an M.S. in:

To find out more about the benefits of a PSM degree visit the PSM homepage.

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