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Events & Lectures

Democracy 101: Do Protest Matter?

A discussion of the role of protest in civil discourse.

Dr. Lou Moore, Associate Professor, History

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GVSU Democracy 101: The Role of Modeling In A Democracy

Panelists will discuss the role of journalism and media in democracy. Does journalism help keep us free? What is fake news and why does it matter? What are journalistic ethics? Panelists will explore these questions and more - and will have time for the audience to participate in this conversation.

Prof. Elizabeth Psyck, Dr. Len O'Kelly, Katie Gordon, Elizabeth Rogers Drouillard, and Melissa Baker-Boosarama

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GVSU Euripides' Helen

Theater at Grand Valley State University
Euripides' Helen
Translated by Diane Rayor
Directed by Karen Libman

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GVSU Metaphors We Die By: How Patterns of Communication Can Become Deadly


The language and idioms of information transmission pervade both academic and public discourse about communication. But the power of metaphors, and other configurations of meaning, is not measured by the information they impart. Rather, it lies in the way these enable or restrict engagement with the world. This implies that we should subject them to a critical eye, alert to the dangers as well as the enrichments brought by commonly reiterated metaphors. The lecture will examine cases of "metaphorical strangling" -- in science, medicine, and public life-- that can become deadening when misconstrued as information.

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GVSU Pearls From Pros - AD/PR Speaker Series

Advertising and Public Relation experts offer advice to college students and adults on what to expect when entering the AD/PR Industry.

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GVSU Walking In The Shadow of August Wilson

Antonio TJ Johnson brings his one-man performance of renowned playwright August Wilson to life. The show explores the importance of the Century Cycle plays, the Blues and the impact of other African American Artists on Wilson’s life. Includes discussion and Q&A. Appropriate for older children, teens, and adults.

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GVSU 2016 Teaching and Learning with Technology Symposium Keynote

Each March, Grand Valley's Teaching & Learning with Technology Symposium provides an opportunity for faculty to showcase how they're putting technology to use in their teaching. Faculty and staff from across the University gather for this afternoon of fun, food, and presentations. This year’s Keynote address, “ How can technology extend the humanity of learners? A dialogue" was given by Robert Talbert, Associate Professor of Mathematics at GVSU, and Matthew Boelkins Professor of Mathematics at GVSU. For more information about the event and Instructional Design for eLearning at GVSU, please visit the IDeL website (

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GVSU World After Graduation

Grand Valley State University Film and Video students and alumni talk about internships and finding work in New York and Los Angeles after graduation.

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GVSU Film and Video Resume and Demo Reel Workshop

A small panel of GVSU Film and Video Alumni present and answer questions for current students about the how to represent themselves with their resumes and demo reels.

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Student Content

GVSU Issues in Film Media Arts (Capstone)

In these paper presentations, we asked ourselves how our discipline of film and video production impacts society. How does our work serve the greater good?

All presentations relate in some way to the course of study undertaken in the Film & Video Production major: Animation, Documentary, Fiction, Film History, Theory, Criticism, Film & Video Art, Issues of Representation, New Media, Producing for Clients, Scriptwriting, or Sound Design.

The Art and The Elements

Moderator: Joel Potrykus

Panelist: Talon Rudel, Andrew Behm, and A.J. Bedard

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Fade Out

Moderator: Kathleen Blumreich

Panelist: Mitch F. Anderson, Nick Beardsley, Erika Collin, and Shawn Wasser

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Representation in The Post Modern Age: If You Can’t See It, You Can’t Be It

Speakers: Nikki Reitz and Kellie Cassel

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Community: The Sociology Behind Film

Moderator: Joel Potrykus

Panelist: Tyler Martin, Zach Lucassian, and Sean Shepard

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GVSU Producing for Clients Course

Students in this advanced Film/Video production course produce videos for non-profit organizations. 

Alzheimer's Association

Producer: Michael Moretti, Director: Ryan Owen, DP: Yasmen Wells, Editor: Cori Lynn Mittlebrun, Prod. Support: Johvan Calvo

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Feeding America - West Michigan

Producer: Gabby Vernon, Director: Casey Perialas, DP: Shawn Wasser, Editor: Shawn Wasser, Prod. Support: Sara Ford

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Dirt Dawgs

Producer: Tyler Hyma, Director: Andrew Behm, DP: Matheson Allen, Editor: Erix Shalayko, Prod. Support: Madara Mendis

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GVSU Video Essays

Students in GVSU's Digital Post Production course created video essays about aesthetic and theoretical issues related to film editing.

Visual Comedy

Writer/Narrator: A.J. Bedard

Editor: A.J. Bedard & Jim Sturtridge

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Comedy Editing

Writer/Narrator: Ryan Rosenau

Editor: Alison Work

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Editing in Andrel Tarkovsky Films

Writer/Narrator: Chiemi Shimada

Editor: Eric Soderberg

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Video Stitching

Writer/Narrator: Jim Sturtridge

Editor: A.J. Bedard

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Counter Point

Producer: Joe Cecil

Narrator: Mason VanDyke

Editor: Taylor Bouwens

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The Power of Montage

Writer/Narrator: Matthew Anderson

Editor: Mark Byserk

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