International Teaching Certificate

The College of Education offers certificate programs in the following areas:

Certificate of International Teaching Experience

The goal of this certificate program is to recognize the importance of preparing teachers to be culturally competent in a global society. This program will provide a tangible credential that will recognize the candidate's interest in preparing to teach in diverse populations in domestic or foreign settings through teaching experience abroad. Students must participate in a teaching abroad experience offered within the College of Education. This may be completed as Teacher Assisting or Student Teaching. The following experiences are currently offered:

  • Teacher Assisting in South Africa
  • Teacher Assisting in Spain
  • Teacher Assisting/Student Teaching in Germany
  • Student Teaching with COST program

The courses required for completion of the certificate are typically accomplished in 2 semesters. Candidates take four courses equal to 12 to 17 credit hours. Completion of course work requires a B- or better. Admissions into the College of Education is required.

Required Courses:

  • EDI 310 - Organizing and Managing Classroom Environments (3 credits)
  • EDF 320 - International Teaching Certificate Preparation (1 credit)
  • EDI 330/331 - Teacher Assisting (5 credits)
    OR EDI 430/431+432 - Student Teaching (10 credits)
  • EDF 485 - The Context of Educational Issues (3 credits)

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