GVSU Student Summer Scholars

Students may apply to do research at Grand Valley in the summer with a faculty member mentor. This is a paid position for full-time enrolled students.

Click here for more information and how to apply to become Student Summer Scholars : S3

These are our 2011 CMB students, click on the link to find out more about their research!!

Timothy Godfrey
"Identification of the LEA gene family in the Orchidaceae" Faculty Mentors: Sheila Blackman, Biology & Pei-Lan Tsou, Cell and Molecular Biology

Justin Hackett
"Regulation of the scaffolding protein Mid1 in fission yeast cell division" Faculty Mentor: Dawn Clifford Hart, Cell & Molecular Biology

Misty Van Brocklin
"The role of CBL10 in flowering" Faculty Mentor: Margaret Dietrich, Cell & Molecular Biology

Former CMB Summer Student Scholars

Jennifer Phelan
"A chemical genetics approach to elucidate mechanisms of the fission yeast polo kinase in cell division" Faculty Mentor: Dawn Clifford Hart, Cell & Molecular Biology

Douglas Peterson
"The role of Nato3, a novel transcription factor, in dopamine neuron formation" Faculty Mentor: Merritt Taylor, Biomedical Sciences

Emily Henk
"Identifying lactic acid bacteria in Michigan cherry wines" Faculty Mentor: Margaret Dietrich, Biology

Kevin Maupin
"Novel Indane Derivatives as Regulators of TAAR Activity" Faculty Mentor: Matthew Hart, Chemistry

Rachel Kubiak
"Mapping the Active Site of AmpC -Lactamase"

Jonathan Rawson
Probing important protein interactions in the mammalian diaphanous-related formins: How single amino acid residue can affect the entire skeletal network of the cell, Faculty Mentor: Brad Wallar

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