Alumni Spotlights


Mark ten Haaf '15

One thing I always keep in my mind is a verse in Ecclesiastes that says, 'Whatsoever the hand findeth to do, do it with all thy might'"..."I feel obligated with whatever I'm undertaking to do it well, do it perfectly, do it absolutely as well as I can."

Kate Allen '08

"I first got interested in Classics through a Latin class as a first-year student. I learned more English grammar in that class than any previous classes in English. As a writer, I found that very valuable.�"

Andrew Lund '13

"�I chose to study Classics because the field is so enrapturing. The department has helped me to foster and to develop these interests into a true passion for the discipline."

Renee Mayes '09

Shortly after receiving her diploma, Mayes filled out more than 20 applications and received five interviews and three offers across the country.

Kristen Rewa '06

"The analytical thinking law professors want to instill in students is the same type of thinking I need to read Greek and Latin."

Dylan Moore '12

"[T]hanks to the academic quality of Grand Valley and generous funding from various donors, a public servant's son from Michigan was able to study the classical languages in Rome."

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