Resources for Pre-Professional Students

Google Groups

Personal Statement Resource

Job Shadowing and Volunteering

Certification Information for Health Careers

Test Prep Materials & Practice Tests

Fellowship Opportunities for Pre Medical Students:

Payments for Professional Students
Electronic payment for Test Prep Course, MCAT Practice Test, and MCAT Self-assessment

Interviewing Soon:  Interviewing DocumentMMI Fact Sheet

Entrance Exam Review Materials:  Looking for materials to help you study for a Professional school entrance examination. All testing resources have been placed on Closed Reserve at the Mary Idema Pew Library and Learning Commons.  Here is a list of materials available.

Additional Resources:  You can find materials to help you in career exploration, information about graduate and professional schools, and more. Just stop by the CLAS Academic Advising Center at C-1-140 Mackinac Hall.

Postbaccalaureate Premedical Programs - link to the AAMC searchable list

Genetic Counseling Information

Reading List The Pre-Professional Reading List is a list of suggested reading for pre-professional students by their advisors, professors, and peers. If you have a suggestion to add to the list, please let your advisor know! Below is a copy of our current list. Reading List

Top Ten Tips for Successful Completion of the AMCAS Application

COVID-19 CR/NC Policies of MI Professional Schools

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