Tenure-Track Faculty Governance & Elections


Nominations: To nominate a colleague (or yourself), you must first identify that colleague’s GVSU email address. Once you log in to the nomination form, type that faculty member’s GVSU username into the box associated with the particular committee/position and submit. 


Accepting a nomination:  If you self-nominated, you will get an automatic email with a link to the acceptance form. Please provide a ballot statement. Remember, with 450+ faculty members in CLAS, it is important to give people a reason why they should vote for you.  CLAS elections involve approval voting where faculty are asked to vote for everyone they think can ‘do the job’ of the committee. 


Voting: As mentioned above, CLAS elections involve approval voting.  Faculty vote for everyone they think can ‘do the job’ of the committee. If there are 5 people running for 2 seats on a committee and all of them (based upon the text they uploaded about why they are accepting the nomination) appear capable of embracing the work of the committee, then you may vote for all 5.  Once voting is open, click on the Ballot link and vote by clicking on the box beside the nominee’s name.  Please be sure you have the time to look at every committee as voting can take some time to go through the entire ballot.


TT Election Forms

January 23, 2024 All Day

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Committee membership

Committee Roster updated 9-26-23

Both the Governance and Faculty Council Bylaws were ratified by over 94%.


CLAS Faculty Council Bylaws ratified in Winter election   

CLAS Faculty Governance Bylaws ratified in Winter election

If you have any questions, please contact the Chair of Faculty Council, Ernest Park.

More on CLAS Committees

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CLAS elected committee annual reports

2023-2024 chairs

CLAS Governance Chairs are:

FC-Ernest Park

CPC- Shelly Smith (F23) and Daniel Graser(W24)

CCC- Bruce Ostrow

FDC-Robert Pearson 

CAFAC - Becky Bergakker


Affiliate Faculty Election

The Affiliate Faculty election has its own dedicated page - please click here.

For more information on CLAS Affiliate Faculty Advisory Committee, please visit the CLAS Affiliate Faculty Advisory Committee page.

Note that there is no fall 2023 election for affiliate committees.

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