Learning from Detroit: Education and Community Revitalization

IDS/EDF 325-01

Professor Lisa Perhamus

Offered in the Fall Semester

Fridays, 9-11:50 a.m.

This 3-credit course fulfills the General Education Issues requirement.

Course Description

This course studies community revitalization efforts in the city of Detroit.  Focusing on community-based initiatives that are strengthening neighborhoods, improving schools and fostering the well-being of children, families, and neighborhoods in Detroit, this course invites students with diverse perspectives, from across content areas.  The class includes two visits to Detroit.  

This course is crosslisted with EDF 325.  Prerequisite:  Junior standing. 

Why Enroll in IDS/EDF 325 at Grand Valley?

• See Detroit through many layers.
• Focus on community-based initiatives.
• Thought-provoking discussion on a topical issue impacting Michigan.
• Visit Detroit twice and gain knowledge first-hand.

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