Student Organization Catering Guide

  • Please remember to place your orders with the Catering Office three business days in advance. If the order is not placed three business days in advance, there will be a late fee (10% of the entire order with a minimum fee of $10.00).
  • The Student Organization Menu is designed to keep your prices low for fundraising and special events. It is an alternative to full service catering, as your organization is responsible for pick up, set up, and clean up.
  • All orders are packed in disposable containers and appropriate serving utensils are included.
  • As per GVSU policy, food waivers will not be given for items able to be prepared by Classic Fare Catering.
  • If you are looking for a special menu, we have an excellent culinary staff that can assist you with a customized menu. Please contact us two weeks prior to your event to ensure availability.
  • Catering is also available through our campus national brands.
  • If you have any questions, please contact us at: (616) 331-3342 or


Ordering with Student Organization Funding

  1. Reserve your space by contacting Event Services at (616) 331-2350.
  2. Request a quote from Catering for what you would like to order. Note this is only a quote and not a confirmed order.
  3. Submit your event funding request according to the quote.
  4. Once awarded funds by your Funding Board, complete a Media/Dining Service request with the Office of Student Life.
  5. Take the approved Media/Dining Service request to the Catering office to place your order. Catering will not place any orders prior to funding approval.


Ordering without Student Organization Funding

  1. Reserve your space by contacting Event Services at (616) 331-2350.
  2. Contact Classic Fare Catering by email, phone, or visit our office at 0101 Kirkhof Center. Be prepared to supply your student organization name, advisor name, date/time of your event, and method of payment. We accept cash, credit, and/or check.
  3. Your order is confirmed once placed—there is no need for a Media/Dining Service request or further approval.


Page last modified June 11, 2019