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General Questions

Concur is a cloud based Travel and Expense Management tool that is being used for requesting approval for travel, booking travel, requesting expense reimbursement and also for reconciling Pcards and Declining Balance Debit Cards.

Each division has an administrator who can add individuals to the Concur hierarchy via Banner Admin (FZCEMPM). Once you have been added in the Concur system (updates overnight), you will be able to log in with your Network ID.  Administrators are generally your Divisional Admin or Dean’s office Admin.  Within Finance and Administration, the AVP’s admin will manage this for you.

Within Concur, click on 'Expense'. If the report is not displayed, click on the down arrow next to ‘Active Reports’, which is located next to ‘Report Library’. Select the date range you want to search in and complete the necessary fields.

  • If you are an approver or Appointing Officer you can go to your Approvals and look for the report.
  • If you are a delegate for an individual, you will need to go to their login and review their approved Expense reports.
  • If you are neither of these, you will need to email the individual who charged your department or reach out to the Travel Team and we can download the report for you.

Amazon Business will Email your receipts directly to your Concur Account along with your Pcard transaction related to the charge. These two items will match together for easy reconciliation.

Your travel profile needs to match the names and information on your Government issued ID’s. This will be the information used to book your travel.

Your name needs to match your Government issued ID’s. If you need to change your name to match these IDs, ensure you have made the change with HR, then your divisional admin can update your account. If your network ID is also updated, you will need to work with the Business and Finance office at [email protected]

Expenses must be submitted and approved in Concur by the last day of the month in which the transaction posted. If the last day of the month crosses with your travel dates, transactions must be submitted within 5 business days upon return. Expenses include the purchasing card(P-card), declining balance card, lodge card (used for airfare charges within Concur), and out-of-pocket expenses. Travelers may include multiple trips, business expenses, out-of-pocket expenses, and P-card expenses into one expense report within Concur.  For personal vehicle mileage reimbursements, expenses can be consolidated and submitted once every 45 days.

Request Questions

A request is an optional preapproval for travel. Some departments may choose to use Concur Request to obtain travel preapproval in lieu of an email or conversation.

This is an optional field. If you have created a Request, you can include it here to link the Request to the travel booking.

Expense Questions

You can Itemize an individual charge to break one charge to more than one FOAP. You can also allocate a charge to different FOP’s by either percent or amount.

Please refer to Missing Receipt Affidavit (Concur), under Additional Features on the Concur training site. 

Due to the legality of this form, it can only be completed and “signed” by the person that the report is for. That individual will need to create the missing receipt declaration themselves.

Go to the GVSU T&E Forms page to download the Misc Expenses T&E form. Submit it, along with all receipts, to [email protected]. An e-mail approval or physical signature from the appropriate Dean/Appointing Officer is required.  A copy of the contract is not required.

We recommend creating Groups of attendees if you regularly use the same people. It is faster and more accurate to create a group than to add people individually (if you have less than 50 attendees). 

Please contact the Travel Team if you need assistance with a one-time upload of attendees. Note current GVSU employees do not need to be re-uploaded into Concur. Employee names are already available to add to a Group.  

The Business purpose should be short and a high-level explanation of the meeting. For example - Concur Conference, Baseball Recruiting, etc.  There are only 64 characters in this field. Therefore, any additional information that needs to be added, should be entered in the Comments field.

You will need to create a new expense report in Concur because you cannot claim the same expense twice. On the new report, ensure that you refer to the previous report in the comments.

Your Pcard or Declining Balance card will convert the charge automatically. We have a Currency Converter for your use if you paid cash in a foreign currency.

Meal Questions

  • A Traveler will submit an expense report for per diems. For step-by-step instructions, refer to Concur Training – Web Travel Allowances
  • When you create an expense report, select “Yes, I want to claim Travel Allowance.”
  • If the per diem was part of a trip booked through Concur, you then only need to check meals that DO NOT need to be reimbursed. You will see your reimbursed rate adjust as you select meals that are not included.
  • If the per diem is not associated with a trip booked through Concur, you will need to create an Itinerary for the trip and then you will be able to select the meals you do not need to be reimbursed for.
  • A traveler will be reimbursed up to the GSA meal rate by locality – this auto calculates high rate cities and countries.
  • Note: the Travel Allowance screen assumes you are getting per diem for full days. Select meals you DO NOT need reimbursed. Do not deduct meals from the first or last day. These rates are automatically calculated to reimburse 75% of the full day rate, and additional adjustment is not required.
  • Do not use the Travel Allowance feature for Per Diem needed for a Single Day.
    • Use an individual Expense Type for meal reimbursement for a Single Day.
      • 7022 Single Day Meal – Breakfast
      • 7022 Single Day Meal – Lunch
      • 7022 Single Day Meal – Dinner
    • Note: This Expense Type should only be used when you have a meal by yourself with no overnight stays.
    • Single Day Meals do not use the GSA Rates automatically. Please look for the appropriate rates on the GSA Site. Consider using the exact amount spent as these charges are taxable.

The IRS states that any meals reimbursed for single day travel are considered taxable because there are no overnight stays involved. There is not a business purpose to the Per Diem (for example - an individual would provide their own lunch normally if there were no overnights involved, so it’s a benefit to be reimbursed for same day per diems). 

If you are unsure whether an expense meets the criteria for reimbursement and/or if it will be considered taxable by the IRS, you might find this Taxable Expenses document helpful.

Use the 7094 Group Meals expense type anytime there is more than one person at a meal that will be paid for with GVSU funds. Attendee names and affiliations (employee, student, or guest) are required for any group meal paid for by GVSU.

Note employee-only meals are against policy and need to be routed to your Appointing Officer/Dean for approval.

  1. Itemize the alcohol so it is separated from the regular food expenses. Use expense type 7029 Alcohol.
  2. Use a FOAP with a designated fund code (12XXXX) for the alcohol.
  3. Add your Executive Officer to the workflow, after your Appointing Officer. You can do this by clicking Report Details > Report Timeline > Edit.

Approval Questions

Exceptions will be routed to the appropriate Appointing Officer within Concur. This sometimes occurs automatically, but sometimes may require a user to manually add the Appointing Officer to the workflow. Concur alerts will tell you when you may need to add the Appointing Officer on your own. The Appointing Officer will receive an email and mobile notification when they have a new report to action.

An Admin can be a delegated approver if your Appointing Officer approves it. However, as Admin, you cannot approve your own expense reports as that delegate. For example - if you are a delegate for your manager and you submit an expense report as you, your manager will need to log in directly and approve the request.

Faculty that are claiming reimbursement for Professional Development or primary approvers reviewing these reports may need to add an additional approver to the workflow if someone else needs to review the report.

  • The faculty claiming reimbursement can add an approver under Report Details > Report Timeline.
  • The approver can do this using the Approve and Forward button. Each department should determine how they want this approval workflow to work.
  • Each of your reports must be approved by your designated Concur Supervisor.
  • You can add an approver to your own report by clicking Report Details > Report Timeline > Edit.
  • Your Supervisor can click the Approve and Forward button to send the report on to the appropriate location.

Pcard Questions

Yes – Most departments will continue to have Department cards for general use.

  • Department Card Logs – If you have a Department Card, you should continue to have a Department log. The purpose of the log is to help keep track of the card - who has it, when and what was charged - and helps create the Business Purpose in Concur. The best practice for a Department Card is for a department to keep the log internally and put the user's name in the Business Purpose of the individual charge within Concur. This will help for later tracking. If you do not want to do that, you will need to attach a copy of the log to the charge.

In Concur, use Expense Type Personal/Non-Reimbursable. This will send the charge to your budget, into account 7097. You then need to reimburse the University for the mistaken charge. A check or money order for the amount should be delivered to the Business and Finance Office at 2015 Zumberge Hall. Once the check is received, we will credit your FOAP.

Reconcile all charges before your last day and follow the Pcard Policy for what to do with your Card.

All Pcards assigned to you will be linked on your main Concur Expense page.  You can also look at the detail for each individual card by selecting the All Expenses drop down next to the Available Expenses header.  You can then select which card you want to look at.

Department cards can only be assigned to a single profile in Concur. The transactions for this card will only appear under the profile to which the card is assigned. If the card is not assigned to you, you will need to provide the receipt and other necessary information to this individual.

Your Pcard expenses are automatically fed into your Concur profile and will appear under your Available Expenses with the Pcard payment type. It can take up to a week for transactions to appear. If the payment type says Out of pocket, you have manually entered the expense details and you will not be able to change the payment type to Pcard. If you need to reconcile a Pcard expense, wait for the transaction to feed into your profile with the Pcard payment type.

GVSU has partnered with Corporate Travel Management (CTM) for all travel bookings made in Concur. CTM charges $5.00 for bookings made in Concur, and this fee comes over as a separate expense in your profile. The expense type will default to airfare, but you are encouraged to charge this to the same FOAP that will be used for the booking. If this fee is paid by a GVSU Pcard, expense details will be fed in with the transactions and a receipt is not required. If the fee is paid out of pocket, a receipt is required.

Guest / Student Questions

Refer to Concur Training – Creating a Guest Expense Report. NOTE: Guest reports are not to be used for GVSU employees.  

For students with occasional travel or expenses, a GVSU employee will need to book travel and/or prepare a guest report on behalf of the student.

Transportation Questions

All reservations that are delivered to campus go through Facilities Services. Please refer to the Driver Approval, Vehicle Use and Rental Procedures.

Payment Questions

Cash Advances will only be approved if the trip or item for purchase cannot be managed with a Pcard, Declining Balance Card or Personal Funds. These should be rare and will be reviewed by the Business Office prior to payment.  Complete the Travel Advance Request Form at least 5 days prior to needing funds. Cash advances will be reconciled completely outside of Concur. Hard copy receipts and approvals will be required.

Email [email protected] if the last place you received payment is no longer valid.

  • Note that payments will default to Direct Deposit if you have set one up for T&E or your Permanent address on file if you do not have Direct Deposit

Complete the Travel Expense Direct Deposit Setup Form  (you will need to log in to the secure access page with your network ID & password for this form) and submit to the Business Office as directed on the form. 
Note: This is Separate from Payroll Direct Deposit - the payables system does not share your direct deposit information with payroll and vice versa - you need to complete a form with each office separately.

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