Department of Biology and Natural Resources Management

Biology is an exciting and dynamic field focusing on the study of living things and their environments. The Department strives to set a standard of excellence in biology and natural resources education as a unit within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Degree Options:

We offer undergraduate degrees in Biology or Natural Resources Management, and a graduate degree in Biology.

Students interested in ecology and environmental sustainability will find many opportunities to pursue their interests in our undergraduate programs, which include emphases in General Biology, Biomolecular Processes, and Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, in addition to the degree in Natural Resources Management. Undergraduate students also may complete emphases in Pre-Veterinary Medicine, Teacher Certification, or pursue Pre-Medical and other Pre-Professional preparation through our undergraduate program. The Biology MS degree program also offers optional emphases in either Aquatic Sciences or Natural Resources.

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Research Opportunities:

Faculty in the Biology Department are involved in a broad range of research providing many opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to engage in a variety of projects. These areas of research include animal behavior, aquatic biology, bioethics, botany, climate, conservation, development, ecology, environmental sustainability, evolutionary biology, genetics, microbiology, natural resources management, natural resources policy, restoration ecology, and science education.

Laker Effect Profile - Professor Eric Snyder

Decades-long GVSU tree swallow study continually benefits science, students


Dr. Michael Lombardo drew data from decades-long research at a tree swallow study site along the southern part of the Allendale Campus for a recently published paper on the most favorable fledging circumstances for the birds to return to the nesting area.

Biology graduate student's research on genetics of chimpanzees

Genetics of chimpanzees in captivity

A research collaboration focusing on animals in captivity forged between a faculty member and an undergraduate student has continued with innovative research as the student pursues a graduate degree.

Dr. Alex Nikitin publishes an article in Scientific Reports

Pottery from Brunn 2

An article published in Scientific Reports on December 20th details the analysis of genetic ancestry as well as diet and mobility of the individuals interred at Brunn 2

Emeritus BIO Professor Makes Historic Donation

Nikitin research

Dr. Carl Bajema donates historic research collection to the Grand Rapids Public Library.

Graduate Student Receives Support for Hoary Bat Research

Randi Lesagonicz

Graduate Student Randi Lesagonicz and Dr. Amy Russell were awarded an NCR-SARE grant for research on bats’ diets in southern Michigan apple orchards.

Funding Pledged to Fight Hemlock Wooly Adelgid

GH tribune

Dr. Ali Locher and NRM alumnus, Trevor Rose, an invasive species manager at the Ottawa Conservation District, work to eradicate the invasive hemlock wooly adelgid in Grand Haven.

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Found today and the biology prep area 😦 any guesses on what it could be??☠️🎃💀
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Shoutout to Erik Nordman! He‘s been teaching since 2006 in the area of Natural Resource Management, policy and economics. He recently wrote a book called “The Uncommon Knowledge of Elinor Ostrom: Essential Lessons for Collective Action”. Watch out for it coming out in Spring 2021

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10/28/20 Forestry Technician at USDA Forest Service for job 4145684
USDA Forest Service - White Mountain National Forest
Expires: 11/2/20

10/27/20 Document Coordinator � PK/TK for job 4143086
Covance, Inc., a division of LabCorp®
Expires: 12/31/20

10/22/20 Biological Science Technician (Plant or Fish) Positions, GS 3, GS 4, GS 5 - USDA Forest Service, PIBO Monitoring Program for job 4132772
USDA Forest Service
Expires: 11/9/20

10/21/20 Bioinformatician for job 4128343
Expires: 1/1/21

10/21/20 Clinical Biostatistician for job 4128332
Expires: 12/1/20

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