• BS/BA in Biology
  • Optional Emphases in
    • Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
    • Genetics
    • Pre-Veterinary
    • Pre-Professional
    • Biology Education
  • Minor in Biology
  • BS in Natural Resources and Environmental Management
  • Minor in Natural Resources and Environmental Management
  • GIS Certificate in Natural Resources Management
  • BS in Wildlife Biology
  • Opportunity for Certification by the Wildlife Society
  • BS in Fisheries and Aquatic Science
  • Opportunity for Certification by the American Fisheries Society
  • Options to focus on Fisheries, Aquatic Science and Marine Biology

Graduate Study

  • MS in Biology
  • Emphasis options in
    • Aquatic Science
    • Natural Resources Management


Student Organizations

  • Biology Club
  • Soil and Water Conservation Club
  • Wildlife Biology Club
  • Pre-Veterinarian Club
  • Soil Judging Club

Student Success

Student Success


DEIAB Initiatives

Department News

GVSU and John Ball Zoo are protecting a 'Keystone Species' in the Grand River

NRM Professors, Rob Larson and Ali Locher, collaborated with Archaeology Professor, Steven Dorland, to bring indiginous perspectives to ecological history and human impact during this year's archaeologic field school.

BLAZE: Ecology of Fire

Dr. Todd Aschenbach was a guest on the Burning Questions podcast hosted by Louise Bean.

Gene flows between hunter-gatherer and farming groups in Stone Age central and eastern Europe

Dr. Alexey Nikitin co-senior authored a new study that was published in Communications Biology.


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A Beautifully Complicated Permafrost Field Experience

Soil Scientist, Dr. Chelsea Duball, was featured in CLAS Acts to showcase her most recent Alaska field season with students.

In Search for Ancestors of the People Who Brought Indo-European Languages to Europe 

A recent paper by Professor Alexey Nikitin, with co-authors from Harvard University, University of Missouri, and Grinchenko University of Kyiv, Ukraine, attempts to shine some light on the mystery of the origins of the Yamna people

Time Lapse Video of Corpse Flower Blooming

Job Feed

7/16/24 New England Program Manager - Staff for job 9117045
The Student Conservation Association
Expires: 8/31/24

7/16/24 Program Coordinator for job 9116991
The Student Conservation Association
Expires: 8/31/24

7/15/24 Distribution Work Planner at ACRT Services for job 9113697
ACRT Services - ACRT
Expires: 8/30/24

7/12/24 Internship - Horticulture Grey Towers National Historic Site for job 9109795
The Student Conservation Association
Expires: 8/5/24

7/12/24 Laboratory Technician for job 9109779
Wyoming Game and Fish Department
Expires: 9/30/24

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