About Us


Educating students to make healthy life-long decisions regarding alcohol and other drugs while shaping a community committed to reinforcing safe, smart, and responsible use.


We foster a supportive community that empowers students to make informed decisions about alcohol and other drugs to ensure healthy lifestyles, safety, and academic achievement.



We equip students with the knowledge to make healthy life-long decisions by providing a continuum of care through prevention, intervention, treatment, and recovery services. 


We strive to create and strengthen a network of support that reinforces safe, smart, and responsible attitudes and behaviors related to alcohol and other drugs. 


We build inclusive spaces for students to connect as they explore and shape their values related to alcohol and other drugs. 

Holistic Wellness

We empower students to strengthen their unique physical, social, emotional and spiritual wellness and support those adversely impacted by substance use.

Page last modified April 21, 2023