About Us


Educating students to make healthy life-long decisions regarding alcohol and other drugs while shaping a community committed to reinforcing safe, smart, and responsible use.


GVSU students are equipped to make educated decisions about alcohol and other drugs to ensure healthy lifestyles, safety, and academic achievement. GVSU serves as model for others on how to ensure safe, smart, and responsible choices around alcohol and other drugs. The GVSU community fosters a culture that supports these healthy decisions by ensuring decisions are made in line with this vision.



AOD Services is committed to the prevention of substance misuse and abuse and seeks to eliminate risky behaviors associated with substance use. Problematic drinking, drug use, and risky behaviors will be significantly reduced through prevention efforts.


AOD Services strives to create and strengthen a university network that is interconnected and reinforces messages regarding safe, smart, and responsible behaviors related to alcohol and other drugs. Collaboration will foster the support needed to help GVSU students achieve lifestyles free from the problematic substance use behaviors.


AOD Services aims to set the tone for community responsibility and preparedness on how to create an environment where students thrive and are not deterred by the obstacles and setbacks of alcohol and other drug misuse and abuse.

Student Success

Student success is strongly influenced by the barriers and obstacles that students face. AOD Services is dedicated to helping students who have been impacted by personal, familial, or community substance abuse concerns through the provision of services and recovery support.


In alignment with our value for prevention, AOD Services provides information to students and the community on the risks, implications, and safety matters related to substances. AOD Services educational programming equips students with the knowledge to make healthy life-long decisions to help secure their future.

Page last modified June 18, 2020