Alcohol and Other Drug Policy at GVSU

Grand Valley State University (GVSU) strives to offer members of the University community the same rights as those afforded to members of the larger community. All members of the University community are responsible for making decisions about their behavior within the context of University policies and local, state, and federal law.

These policy statements are written as evidence of GVSU’s commitment to its students by:

  • Encouraging a campus environment where healthful choices are made;
  • Working to prevent alcohol and other drug misuse and abuse;
  • Accepting responsibility for one’s own choices, behavior, and harm caused;
  • Encouraging alcohol-free programs;
  • Supporting and empowering those who responsibly choose not to use alcohol or other drugs;
  • Enforcing University, federal, state, and local codes,ordinances and statutes which govern alcohol and other drug use

Quick Reference Guides to AOD Policy at GVSU

Alcohol and Other Drug Policy Handbook

Page last modified July 21, 2023