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This interactive program engages students in a dialogue about drinking culture, safe drinking techniques, and some of the facts and myths about alcohol.

This interactive program engages students in a dialogue about marijuana culture, how to use cannabis safely, and some of the facts and myths about marijuana.

This program is specifically tailored to women, engaging them in dialogue about drinking culture, their concerns about drinking, and the various facts and myths about alcohol.

The Men and Alcohol Presentation is a discussion-based presentation to explore the intersection of masculinity and alcohol use on college campuses. In this presentation, myths and facts related to alcohol use will be explored. How alcohol can impact health and wellness of men as well as some healthy coping skills will be 

Whether working out for leisure or to stay in shape, a member on a University team, or participating in intra-mural sports, athletes of all types are a special designation of students that are uniquely affected by alcohol. With this in mind, the ACES Office has created a program that addresses the impact and effect of drinking in conjunction with athletic performance. This program addresses the negative impact of alcohol on athletic performance for those who choose to drink.

Drinking among friends and in familiar places is one thing, but how do you ensure your safety when in unfamiliar places and among unfamiliar faces?

The Spring Break/Travel Safety Program ties safe drinking and physical safety together, to educate students on the increased risks of harm when traveling across the state, nation, or internationally for spring break. Even if simply returning home, the Spring Break Safety program aims to educate students on the importance of being extra cautious when choosing to drink in new environments and with new people.

This program provides an interactive platform where students can learn facts, statistics, and myths about various substances including: alcohol, marijuana, study drugs, etc.

This program is specifically designed to provide information on tobacco products, such as: different types of tobacco products, statistics, various impacts to health (i.e., to include newer research regarding potential risk with COVID-19), impact to the environment, types of smoke exposure, and where to find more information/facts.

This interactive program engages students in a dialogue about bystander intervention strategies, peer accountability, alternatives to use, and what to do in emergency situations.