Wesley Jackson


Collections and Information Management Specialist

Adjunct Professor

Office: 249 Lake Michigan Hall

Phone: 616-331-3395

Email: jacksowe@gvsu.edu

I am fascinated with all things past. Focusing my studies on the prehistory of North America, I have worked on sites spanning from the late Archaic through the Mississippian periods. I have worked on the Middle Woodland site Prison Farm (2008) and the Mississippian metropolis of Kincaid (2012). Supplementing my prehistoric field experiences, I have also had the privilege to work on several historic sites including the Blendon Landing site (2010), which is located on the GVSU campus, and the Crenshaw house project, home of one of the last slave owners in IL.


ANT 215: Origins of Civilizations

ITC 100: Intercultural Competency

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