ANT 320: Culture and Disease

July 13, 2021

ANT 320: Culture and Disease

This course provides an introduction to the field of medical anthropology. We will examine variations in concepts of health, illness, and becoming and staying well in several parts of the world. We will look at cultural practices that encourage or inhibit disease transmission, analyze health disparities, and investigate the influence of the environment on our health. We will examine cross-cultural responses to diseases such as AIDS, dengue, malaria, and COVID etc.

Instructor: Dr. Kristin Hedges; [email protected]

Fall 2021
Section 01: T/TH 1:00-2:15
Section 02: T/TH 2:30-3:45

Winter 2022
Section 01: T/TH 10:00-11:15
Section 02: Online

ANT 320 counts as an GE Issues course (Health). It also counts as an
upper division elective toward the Anthropology major and minor.

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