Mission, Vision, Values, and Strategic Plan 2010

Mission, Vision and Values


The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is a student-centered and diverse learning community that engages in critical inquiry extending knowledge to enrich and enliven individual and public life.

Anthropology is at the core of liberal education, bridging several disciplines across the humanities, natural and social sciences.  Our approach, which integrates bio-cultural, evolutionary and comparative perspectives, allows us to train our students to examine humanity holistically, and to provide them with the skills needed to become active participants in diverse communities.


The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences will set a standard of excellence in liberal education. We will prepare our students to be responsible citizens, productive professionals, and lifelong learners with global perspective. We will foster a diverse community of inquiry, discourse, discovery, expression and reflection.

The Anthropology department will create excellence in liberal education expanding our approach to include applied programs in bio-cultural, medical, comparative and material studies.  We will prepare our students to appreciate cultural diversity and other ways of living.  We will initiate programs that allow students to apply their anthropological knowledge and skills in advanced studies, the workplace, and in their communities.


  • We value excellent teaching by interacting with students in appropriate sized classes, field studies and community settings.
  • We value appreciation for human diversity and respect for all cultures.
  • We value interdisciplinary initiatives with other disciplines.
  • We value faculty research and development that infuses our teaching.
  • We value student engagement in research, professional training, and academic/community life.
  • We value applying our knowledge to service community- the university, the communities where we live, and our professions.

(Mission, Vision and Values as adopted May 2010)

Strategic Plan 

Anthropology Department Strategic Plan (revised 2010): pdf
Link to the CLAS strategic plan and other department plans


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