Dr. Karim Alizadeh

Dr. Karim Alizadeh

Office address: 229 Lake Michigan Hall

Phone: (616) 331-8217

Email: [email protected]

Karim Alizadeh is an anthropological archaeologist and received his PhD in Anthropology from Harvard University (2015). His research focuses on two transitioning periods in the Caucasus and Iran’s history: 1) the development of social complexity in the late prehistory and 2) the Sasanian imperial era to the Medieval Islamic society. His research includes social inequality, population transformation, borderlands and border studies, early urbanism, social institutions, craft production, societal collapse, and the development of social complexity.

Currently, he is directing a field project at an Early Bronze Age site, Köhne Shahar, in northwestern Iran (Iranian Azerbaijan). This project investigates the development of social complexity and the rise of complex societies in the Caucasus (his full CV is available at: https://karimalizadeh.academia.edu/).

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