Blendon Landing (20OT73)

In the mid-nineteenth century a site called Blendon Landing was located in Allendale, Michigan (Ottawa County) on the Grand River. Blendon was organized in 1854 and named for the Blendon Lumber Company.

A logging train hauled timber seven miles from the pine forest to the landing for shipping. White pine and hardwoods were transported from this location and used to manufacture ships, railroad cars and guns.

Blendon's sawmill, logging operations and shipyard sustained a community of about 200 people in the early 1860s. The sawmill operated between 1857 and 1864. Approximately 35 individuals worked in the mill and shipyard. The sawmill produced 30 million board feet/year. The entire cut for a year of some National Forests. The Blendon Landing sawmill fed the desire for timber as the settlement of the area west of the Mississippi began.

The shipyard functioned from 1861 - 1864. The Eveline was built in 1863. The George W. Westcott was built in 1863, refit at Blendon Landing in 1864, and dismantled in 1918. The Major Anderson was built in 1861 and sank in 1864. The Lumberman was built in 1862 and sank near Milwaukee in 1893.

The sawmill and some other buildings burned in 1864 and by 1870 the railroad was abandoned. Some of Blendon Landing's buildings were moved to other locations in the area. By 1912, Blendon was deserted.

In 1965, Grand Valley State College professor Richard E. Flanders began excavating the Blendon Landing site as part of the university's archaeology program, until the 1980s. In the 1990s & 2010, Grand Valley State University professor Janet G. Brashler continued surveying & excavating the Blendon Landing site. Blendon Landing is owned by the Grand Valley State University Club.

Bureau of History, Michigan Department of State
Registered Local Site No. 1743
Property of the State of Michigan, 1990

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