Search Waivers

Grand Valley State University values a diverse workforce. In accordance with the state and federal law and Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and Affirmative Action (AA) obligations, GVSU is committed to providing equal opportunity in employment through non-discriminatory open recruitment, equitable hiring practices and affirmative action programs. Exceptions to the standard recruitment practices or policies may be made where such waiver of the standard recruitment process demonstrates a compelling and extraordinary need. Collective bargaining positions must be advertised and recruited for as outlined in the applicable collective bargaining agreement. 

There may be rare cases in which the university believes it is necessary to waive the search process and place an individual into a position without a search. In addition, this document is to clarify the process related to requesting a search waiver and outline a procedure that is designed to create uniformity in the search and selection process utilized by GVSU. A waiver of the search process occurs when the university can justify why the placement of an individual into a position, without a search, is in the best interest of the University. 

Requests for a search waiver are to be made via this form to the Director, Affirmative Action/EEO, by the appropriate Appointing Officer. Prior approval must be obtained by the Appointing Officer from their division’s Vice President, or designee. The completed form will be a part of the selection packet which includes the selection justification, hiring approval form, resume, application and transcripts of the candidate. This packet will be sent to the Affirmative Action office for final review and approval. You are encouraged to consult with the Office of Affirmative Action prior to completing the search waiver to determine whether it is likely to be approved. Questions can be directed to the Office of Affirmative Action at (616)331-3296.

Search Waiver Request Form

Page last modified May 31, 2023