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University Mediation Statement

June 10, 2019

Please see a university statement below. This is the complete statement on this matter. If you have any general questions regarding Title IX, please be in contact with the Title IX Office at (616) 331-9530.

A complaint was filed with the US Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights in 2014 to which the University fully cooperated and timely responded.  The complaint arose from an off-campus incident between two students. Once reported, the investigation process lasted for nearly an academic year.  Recently, the complainant, Sara Chittenden*, and University resolved the matter through mediation conducted by the Office for Civil Rights. The University expressed sympathy to Chittenden* for her experience and regret over the length of the investigation. The University acknowledged its appreciation that the complaint resulted in improvements, and through the Title IX Office, made changes and improvements to its investigation process including the appointment of a lead civil rights investigator who works with 11 trained co-investigators to assure a timely and thorough investigative process. Additionally, the university appointed a full-time Title IX Coordinator and completely re-wrote its policies and procedures addressing sexual misconduct.

*Name being used with complainant's approval.

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