Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not listed below, please reach out to [email protected] for assistance. 

Initially, you will be notified by an award letter. Each semester the scholarship will show on myBanner under the Financial Aid tab where you view the Award Overview.

It is required that you complete a total of 20 hours each academic year, with a minimum of 10 hours completed by the end of exam week in the fall semester. It is acceptable to complete more hours than required.

Please visit the Service Hours page to track your hours. If you have issues tracking hours or further questions, email us a

You can schedule a consultation via Zoom with one of GVSU’s Civic Engagement Associates who can help you find volunteer opportunities.

We have a very broad view of community service. Civic engagement can come in many forms and we encourage you to be creative. With health and safety concerns we understand that volunteering with an organization may not be an option. Examples of acceptable activities are virtual volunteering (for example, an online voter registration drive, or phone banking), helping a neighbor by raking their yard, shoveling snow or walking their dog, picking up trash in a park, writing letters to residents of a retirement home, making dog toys out of recycled materials and donating to a shelter, and many more options! When tracking hours, you do not need to list an organization if you did your service independently. For more information with a range of suggestions for virtual, remote and neighborhood-based service opportunities visit

All Thompson scholarships are renewed automatically if the criteria are met. You do not need to reapply. However, you do need to complete a FAFSA each year. 

If you are in jeopardy of losing your scholarship, you will be contacted via email. Be sure to respond to correspondence from V’Lecea Hunter, Willie Wilson Jr., Samantha Mayse, Lyndsey Schab, and the GVSU Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships. 

We are happy to help you with your questions and concerns:

Enrollment Development

Samantha Mayse | Director of Thompson Scholars
(616) 331-9202 | [email protected]

Diverse Populations & Retention Initiatives

V'Lecea Hunter | Advocacy & Mentorship 
(616) 331-5200 | [email protected]

Taijah Claybrook | Advocacy & Mentorship 
(616) 331-5208 | [email protected]

Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships

Lyndsey Schab | Thompson Scholars Coordinator 
(616) 331-4360 | [email protected]

Community Service Learning Center

Community Service & Laker Link 1108 KC
(616) 331-2348 | [email protected]

Ellen and Bob Thompson are interested in hearing about you - your academic plans, activities, and career goals, as well as how this scholarship will assist you in reaching your academic goals. An email request to submit a thank you note will be sent to your student email during the winter semester.

Yes, additional funding is possible. Reach out to [email protected] for more details and to see if you qualify.

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