Thompson Scholars

In 2021-22 there were over 1,000 current Thompson Scholars and 500 Alumni. Our scholars come from many backgrounds and have diverse majors, interests, and future plans. 

Photo of Alicia a Thompson Scholar

“I appreciate their selflessness and pure kindness in supporting me through this journey.”


Class of 2025 Allied Health Sciences

"I could not have asked for a better first year at Grand Valley, and Mr. and Mrs. Thompson and the Thompson Foundation were huge contributors to my success! They made this year less stressful for me financially, and I cannot thank them enough."

“This scholarship has also pushed me to get out of my own comfort zone and volunteer.”

Photo of Kobe Wright, a Thompson Scholar


Class of 2024 Film and Video

"The generosity and the opportunities given to us by Mr. and Mrs. Thompson and the Thompson Foundation help us succeed, meet new people, give back to our community, and try new things. I am so grateful to be a Thompson Scholar!"


Class of 2023 Diagnostic Medical Sonography

"I plan to use the knowledge and experiences I have gained at Grand Valley to make a difference in my field and in the lives of my patients. I will forever be thankful to the Thompsons for giving me the opportunity to obtain a higher education."

“I am incredibly grateful to the Thompsons for their generosity and making it possible for students like me to achieve great academic success.”

Photo of Erica, a Thompson Scholar

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