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Student FAQ

Are these paid internships?

All GVSU Internship Abroad placements are not paid positions. You will find that nearly all internship through external programs are also unpaid. Due to varying immigration regulations, the duration of the programs, and the service that is provided, these positions are not paid. 

How do I choose a program?

Try out the Internship Quiz! This will help you narrow down your GVSU options. After looking into these sites, please let us know if you have questions and we can help you navigate the programs further. If these don't fit what you're looking for, check out external Internships Abroad

What kind of housing will I be in?

All programs offer shared Apartment Style Housing, except EUSA Madrid and EUSA Paris, which offer highly immersive homestays! These two programs are designed for language-learners so the homestay option really helps those students with their language skills. The Apartment Style Housing will be shared with only other program participants. If there are enough students from one school to fill a unit, that is the priority. Otherwise students get to meet other like-minded individuals interning abroad as well! Check out the Housing section for some images of EUSA's shared apartments. 

Is airport transportation provided?

EUSA programs include transportation services from designated airports to housing.
GE programs provide guidance but do not collect you from the airport. 

Are a limited number of students accepted? What is the acceptance rate for a GVSU Internship Abroad?

EUSA accepts as many students as our office approves. We approve students for these programs through review of your OASIS application

When do I know what my placement will happen?

EUSA does not begin making final placements until the mid-March. Due to the highly specialized placements, this can take until the end of May. Don't stress about the wait--EUSA guarantees placements in each accepted student's field of study!
GE makes final placements 6 to 8 weeks before the program start date. 

What scholarships are available?

For Internship Abroad specific scholarships and other top grants, please check out the Funding Guide on this page. There are also many other opportunities for you to look into on our Scholarships & Grants page.

Will my financial aid cover my GVSU Internship Abroad?

We HIGHLY recommend reaching out to the Financial Aid office to ask about your situation. We have put together an email template as well as other Financial Aid information for you on our Financial Aid page. 

What is the Faculty Approval section on my OASIS Application?

In order to participate in a GVSU Internship Abroad program, students must register for GVSU credit. This credit is typically a GVSU Internship course in the student's major. We mostly see 490 courses but each department does things differently. We highly recommend interested students meet with their academic advisors to make sure their chosen program fits well into their degree path. We also ask students who submit OASIS applications to meet with the designated Internship Coordinator in their academic department. This is the individual whose information students submit in OASIS on their Faculty Approval form. We've put together a Faculty FAQ and Faculty Guide to make these conversations easier!

Will Interning Abroad meet any General Education Requirement?

As long as your academic department approves at least 3 credits for your program abroad, you will receive Global Perspectives. Except for students taking a 399 course, all students can also receive 1 Issues credit by submitting this form after completing an Internship Abroad. 

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Faculty FAQ

What type of work will the student be doing?

This varies greatly depending on the placement. Both EUSA and GE work with trusted and vetted employers who are provided with clear guidelines on the type of work interns are allowed to undertake. Menial tasks such as getting coffee are not permitted. From student accounts, students have grown in their roles and as they progress they are assigned more and more responsibility. Students, parents, and Faculty must keep in mind the type of work assigned to the intern is based on the student's demonstrated experience and skill level. This means that it is understandable that a student with limited or no professional experience in their field of study will not be assigned high responsibility tasks. Rather, they will support full-time staff to execute projects or tasks.

When does the student know their exact placement?

EUSA typically announces placements starting in mid-March through mid-May. 
GE typically announces placements 6 to 8 weeks before the program start date. 

How can I approve the credit for the program without knowing what the placement is exactly?

Faculty can rest assured that once a student is accepted into a program, they are guaranteed a placement in their field of study.
EUSA accepts every student that GVSU approves through our OASIS application system. These students are guaranteed a placement in their field of study.
GE requires a secondary application. Once GE accepts a student through their process, they are guaranteed a placement in their accepted field of study.

How many internship hours will the student complete on their program? 

The number of hours varies based on the student's chosen program. Please review the Program Guide to see how many hours your student will complete.


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