GVSU Approved Internships Abroad

Interning abroad allows you to both live and work in another country, helping you to grow as a professional and as a global citizen.

GVSU Approved Internship Programs are offered through affiliated internship providers that have been reviewed by the International Internship Review Committee at GVSU. This gives you a short list of internships to look through that we know are good fits for GVSU students and meet all our standards.

If you don't see the type of experience or destination you're looking for here, check out the External Internships page for many more options.

EUSA Dublin Office Building


GVSU Approved Internship Abroad programs are available across many countries and cities around the world throughout the year.

Search for the right program for you based on the destination, semester, affiliate, or special interest using the program list below.

We work with provider organizations to offer this array of opportunity to our GVSU interns. Look over the affiliates section on this page to learn more about the organizations that run these programs. 


  • 8 weeks
  • Unpaid
  • Placements/work in English
  • Shared apartment style Housing
  • Custom Placement
  • Career readiness support
  • All majors welcome
  • On-site Orientation

Deviations from this norm are noted in the Special Interest Column

EUSA Prague Cafe





Special Interest



Fall / Winter / Summer



Costa Rica

San Jose

Fall / Winter / Summer



Czech Republic




7 week



Fall / Winter / Summer







10 weeks, 200+ Level French, Homestay



Fall / Winter / Summer







9 weeks

Ireland (Northern Ireland)


Fall / Winter / Summer





Fall / Winter / Summer


* Italian language course included



Fall / Winter / Summer


* Italian language course included



Fall / Winter / Summer


* Italian language course included



Fall / Winter / Summer





Fall / Winter / Summer







10 weeks, 200+ Level Spanish, Homestay

* These programs offer the option of transfer credit

Example Placements

Many more majors than those shown below can intern abroad!

Below are examples of placements in a few career fields. For more examples, you can browse GE & EUSA's websites. These examples are here to illustrate the variety and caliber of placements, customized to each student. Please keep in mind that repeating the exact placement as previous students is not guaranteed.


Ad & PR




Hospitality & Tourism


Multimedia Journalism


Political Science



All programs offer shared Apartment Style housing with two exceptions: EUSA Paris & EUSA Madrid which offer highly immersive homestays. Below are examples of some of the housing EUSA has used in the past. These exact rooms are not guaranteed but are good examples of the types of housing used. 


General Education

ISSUES: Students who will take 3 credits abroad can complete 1 Issues requirement from the General Education curriculum.

GLOBAL PERSPECTIVES: Students who take 3 credits of GVSU or transfer credit abroad fulfil their Global Perspectives requirement from the General Education Curriculum.

For more information on which General Education requirements your course will meet, review our General Education page. 

GVSU Credit

Most students will register for a 490 Internship Course at GVSU during the semester they will intern abroad. Students often prefer GVSU as the process is simpler and some departments require GVSU credit for an internship. In order to register for this 490 course, students must meet with their major's Internship Coordinator.

Find your Internship Coordinator

All EUSA program participants will register for GVSU Credit. Typically, students register for three credits of the internship course in their major (490).  The exact course and number of credits is determined by each student's academic department (major). 

No applications to intern abroad will be accepted without an Internship Coordinator's approval for credit.

Transfer Credit

Programs with GE offer the option of taking an internship course or other supplemental courses through their organization and then transferring the credit back to GVSU. Transfer Credit needs to be pre-approved by your academic department's internship coordinator in order to be accepted into at GVSU.

Why choose transfer credit?
Transfer credit is more affordable than GVSU credit, at $600 per 3 credit course vs. GVSU's $598 per 1 credit (2021-2022). 

Some academic departments require GVSU Credit for an internship. This means that transfer credit will not fulfill the internship course in that major. In these cases, GVSU Accepted Internship Abroad programs are good options since students participating in these programs can register for GVSU credit.

GE Summer courses:

GE298 Internship 3 Credits
GE298 Internship 6 Credits

GE Fall & Winter courses:

GE298 (as above: Fall or Winter section) 6 credits
GE301 Global Workforce & Leadership 3 credits
GE302 Intercultural Communication 3 credits

Our Affiliates

Our affiliates provide quality placements customized to each student applicant. We have chosen these internship abroad program providers to deliver quality placements for GVSU students. They have consistently demonstrated great expertise, professionalism, and care for our students.

Each provider has undergone careful review by our GVSU International Internship Review Committee. Programs that receive approval show evidence of implementing best practices, meet quality standards, and are recommended by other institutions.

EUSA is a non-profit specialized in internships in Europe with over 25 years of experience. EUSA works with their large network to create customized placements for US students in nearly every field of study. EUSA has a dedicated US office as well as permanent offices in all 4 cities where EUSA programs are offered. Learn more on the EUSA website

Global Experiences (GE) is part of the well-known American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS). Offering GVSU Approved Internships Abroad in 11 cities around the world, GE has an established network of employers for over 40 career fields. Learn more on the GE website.

New Affiliates

  • Coming soon!

Key Differences


  • Spring/Summer Programs only
  • Only 1 application required through OASIS
  • Set application deadline: February 1
  • No limit on the number of placements on any program or in any major*
  • Homestays in Madrid & Paris; shared Apartment style housing at all other sites
  • All programs in Europe
  • History of innovative and highly customized placements (Equine Therapy, Stained Glass Studio, etc)


  • Programs offered every semester (Spring/Summer, Fall, Winter)
  • Secondary application required (apply through GVSU on OASIS  and then to GE directly)
  • Rolling application which means GE doesn't wait until our deadline to make placements
  • Placements limited
  • All shared apartment style housing
  • Programs in Europe as well as Australia and Costa Rica


Your Academic Department

At GVSU, each academic department determines if an internship is necessary, what is required in order to fulfill the requirement, and how many credits an internship experience merits. It is best to consult with your academic department and internship coordinator to understand the requirements in your program's internship policies.


Restrictions & Requirements

Due to certain program's stringent requirements, they do not approve internships abroad. This does not mean studying abroad is not possible for students in these majors, but that internship credits cannot be completed abroad.

  • Allied Health Sciences does not approve 490 abroad
  • Computer Science does not approve 490 abroad
  • Engineering students have one option to intern abroad which is the DHBW Co-op program
  • Exercise Science does not accept transfer credit for 490
  • Hospitality & Tourism Management starting Winter '22 students can register for HTM 283 in addition to the HTM 290/390/490 to fulfil 1 Issues abroad
  • Nursing does not approve 490 abroad
  • Social Work only approves of the EUSA Dublin program for SW 490; Graduate students can complete only SW 630 abroad;
  • Sports Management allows students to take either SPM 390 Practicum or SPM 490 Internship abroad
EUSA Dublin


The Seidman College of Business has a process in place for internship and 490 course approval. Please refer to the information on the Seidman Internship page and contact Gerry Cooke with any questions. 

EUSA Prague

Comparing Costs

Cost is a big factor for students when deciding on a program. Below is a comparison of the program fees for our GVSU Internship Abroad programs.

NOTE: This dollar amounts do not reflect the total cost for participation in a program. Please carefully review the Cost Breakdown available on each program's page for detailed cost estimated on Tuition, Meals, Flight, Passport, Insurance, etc. 

GVSU Internship Abroad Programs


Funding an Internship Abroad

Financial Aid

All students considering study abroad should have their financial aid reevaluated regardless of whether they are currently receiving federal aid or not. Early application for financial aid is strongly recommended.


Here you can find internship-focused scholarships. The opportunities are not limited to these few, however. Check out many more opportunities based on the semester you're abroad, program type, and location of your program on the Scholarship & Grants page

GVSU  International Internship Scholarship
Amount: Up to $2,000

EUSA Live, Intern, Learn Abroad Scholarship 
Amount: Up to $2,000

GE Generation Study Abroad
Amount: Up to $1,500

Gilman Scholarship
Amount: Up to $5,000

GVSU  Murray Scholarship
Amount: $1,500-$5,000

GVSU  Career Center Internship Award
Amount: $500

EUSA Prague Cafe

Planning Guides

Here are two Guides to help you (1) navigate the process of applying for an internship abroad and then (2) how you should prepare for your program before you leave.

Application Process  a step-by-step guide to the process you take BEFORE  you're accepted into a GVSU Internship Abroad Program


Placement Process  a step-by-step guide to the process you go through AFTER you're accepted into a GVSU Internship Abroad Program


Already accepted into an internship program?  We've made a special page with all the information you need. Check it our here

EUSA Dublin Aer Lingus


There are lots of questions to ask. Visit the Student & Faculty FAQ page to review the most common questions and ours answers. 

EUSA Prague Deutsch Bank

Virtual Internships Abroad

Thinking you might want to Intern Abroad virtually? Check out the Virtual Internship Abroad Providers page!
This is a list of external internship options for your to research. If you decide to participate in one of the programs, you will work directly with your department's Internship Coordinator to get approval for any credits. The Padnos International Center does not help coordinate virtual internships abroad. 

Virtual Internship Abroad Providers


Please contact the Padnos International Center's Peer Advisors with general questions at s[email protected] or (616)331-3898.
Alissa Lane is our GVSU Internships Abroad Advisor. Please contact her with specific questions at [email protected] or (616)331-3898.

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