Statistics Career Day 2015

The GVSU Statistics Department hosted Statistics Career Day on Friday, Nov. 20, 2015 in the Grand River Room of the Kirkhof Center. The purpose was to promote the practice of statistics, and to encourage students to pursue statistics as a field of study by showcasing various individual careers. Click Career in Statistics?  to read more... 


Keynote Presentation

The keynote address, was delivered by David R. Morganstein, the 110th president of the American Statistical Association (ASA). David's keynote talk was entitled "Communications in Statistics: A Two Way Street."

Concurrent break-out sessions were held in 5 rooms between 1:30 p.m. -- 3:30 p.m.. The titles of the presentations are listed below. A brief Q&A session was held at the end of each talk. A copy of the career day program can be obtained by clicking here....Statistics Career Day Program.




Title of Presentation

David Morganstein

American Statistical Association


Communications in Statistics: A Two Way Street

Tim Merkle  &

Connor Gould



Becoming Data-Driven:  Advanced Analytics at Steelcase

Andy Van Garderen



Analytics at Meijer

Stephanie Dombrowski

Career Center, GVSU


Resumes and Job Applications/Interviewing Tips

Justin Sjogren

MMS Holdings


The Pharmaceutical Industry and how the Statistician Fits In

Eric Howard  &

Carleen Dykstra

MPI Research


The Importance of Statistics in Drug Development

Craig Johnson

University of Michigan Cancer Core


University Cores and your publicly appointed statistician

Mary Winn

Van Andel Institute


Life at the Intersection of Biology, Statistics, Mathematics, and Computer Science

Colleen MacCallum  &

Allyssa Woodwyk

WMU School of Medicine


Adventures in Academia: Providing statistical support in an academic & medical setting (WMed) 

Martha Rozsi



Weighting on the world to change: A survey statisticians work in studies affecting social policy

Julie Strominger

University of Michigan CEHI


The challenges and rewards of analyzing child health data using mapping tools

Marcia Mansaray

Ottawa County Public Health


Medical Detectives: Statistics in Epidemiology

Kelsey Manoogian  &

David Holland

Ally Insurance


Wanted: Analytical Minds for Risk Management and Capital Modeling

Doug Heilman

Waddell & Reed, Inc.


From Biostatistician to Financial Advisor... One Statistician's Journey

Statistics Faculty



Meet Your Friendly Neighborhood Statistician (Advising Help)

Exhibitors Included

Ally Insurance, ASA/Southwest Michigan Chapter, Meijer, MMS Holdings, Waddell & Reed Inc.,  Steelcase, GVSU-Biostatistics Masters Program, Perrigo, GVSU-PSM Program, Priority Health, GVSU  Graduate Studies,  MPI Research

There were also tables displaying information about the American Statistical Association (ASA), GVSU Math & Stats Club, Mu Sigma Rho, and GVSU Career Center.


The GVSU Department of Statistics, GVSU Office of the Provost, CLAS Dean’s Office, GVSU Career Center, and  GVSU Math & Stats Club and  ASA Southwest Michigan Chapter.

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