Data Science & Analytics West Michigan

September 09, 2019

Wednesday, 9/11, from 6 to 8 p.m.  at DeVos Center, GVSU

The presentation will be delivered by Michael Bloem, PhD, and will be entitled "A Gentle Introduction to Bayesian & Kalman Filters."  The talk will introduce the Discrete Bayes Filter by demonstrating how such a filter can estimate the location of a dog in an office over time using measurements sent by its IoT-enabled collar. He will then introduce the Kalman Filter as a type of Bayes Filter and share results of applying a Kalman Filter to the estimation of trajectories of aircraft on the airport surface from surveillance data.


Michael Bloem is a principal data scientist with Mosaic Data Science. In this role, he leads and executes the design, development, and deployment of data science-enabled solutions with organizations in a variety of verticals. Prior to joining Mosaic Data Science, he led the development of analytics that enabled new Internet-of-Things-based products and services at Steelcase, Inc. and researched air traffic management in the Systems Modeling and Optimization branch of the Aviation Systems Division at NASA Ames Research Center.


The full meeting description is available at Data-Science-and-Analytics-West-Michigan. This meeting is sponsored by Mosaic Data Science  and the GVSU Department of Statistics.

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