First-Year Student Experience & Expectations

The Student Success Network (SSN) connects incoming first-year students to an experienced undergraduate student partner and a faculty partner. Within each group, the faculty and student partners work together to connect and otherwise enhance the students' experience. They are knowledgeable about university resources available to our newest students and are well equipped to provide guidance as they navigate their first year at GVSU.  

The program aims to provide a foundation from which the student and faculty relationship will develop at GVSU. The faculty mentor has committed to serving as a resource and point of contact to assist the first-year student in matriculating through GVSU. It is not their sole responsibility to see to the student’s success, but rather provide them with feedback and insights to help them navigate the rigors of the college experience. Additionally, faculty should inform and otherwise make students aware of how to access the various student support services available to them and help them achieve the high level of academic rigor that is required at GVSU.

Our first-year students should play an active and engaged role in this process. They are expected to attend meetings established by the SSN program and their individual mentor. An active relationship within the program means that students should be prepared for and otherwise be actively engaged in the Student Success Network and its programs.  


The SSN has been established to provide a structured framework of student - faculty interaction that will lead to further student success.  Research demonstrates that students who develop strong relationships with peers and professors early in college are even more successful, and persist to degree completion more effectively.

  • Connect with a faculty member
  • Develop a network aimed at your success
  • The network helps the university feel smaller and more manageable


The network is a form of mentorship that aims to connect you to faculty and students invested in YOU!

  • Learn about student success resources
  • Develop strategies for academic success
  • Venue to receive guidance from a faculty member throughout the year
  • Receive useful feedback to assist in your development

group of students walking on campus