The Student Success Network (SSN) provides an opportunity to connect first-year students with faculty partners who are informed about the university and can provide guidance to students as they transition to GVSU. Faculty partners play an integral role in educating first-year students about the university culture, various support services on campus and otherwise providing guidance and support in intentional and meaningful ways through the first year. Faculty will be assisted by peer partners and both with first-year students will make up the “Student Success Network”.

Your first year at GVSU is an exciting, yet challenging experience. Taking an active role in the Student Success Network will connect you to both faculty and student partners that are dedicated and committed to supporting you. Taking part in the SSN will make you aware of many student support services that already exist on campus, but often students don't notice until later. Your Network will not only educate you to the various services but also help you in accessing and otherwise utilizing them.

While you undoubtedly will make good connections with peers and professors throughout your life at GVSU, we urge you to carefully consider this particular option. Research has shown that engaged and connected students succeed in greater ways and matriculate in a timelier fashion than those who are not.


Page last modified April 18, 2019