10 Questions with alumna Ellie Shannon

10 Questions with alumna Ellie Shannon

Hometown, High School, and Activities you participated in?

Otisville, MI. LakeVille High School. In HS I was a basketball, volleyball and softball player. College--didn't play sports. Starting working in Game Operations my sophomore year as part of my fieldwork for class. Was part of the inaugural Sports Leadership Club (now Sport Management Club) and I think I was the treasurer?


Major at GV and graduation year?

Physical Education with an emphasis in Sport Leadership. Graduated in 2010.  (Now Sport Management)


Favorite Class?

Social Culture Dimensions of Sport (MOV 202)


Favorite memory as a Laker?

The year that our marketing department did a mac and cheese giveaway at a football game. All the kids decided to open the boxes and throw macaroni noodles all over the student section and onto the field. I was working as the game operations intern, and my boss had a conniption. At the time, I thought it was hilarious. I now understand why it was such an operational nightmare. I don't think they've given away boxed mac and cheese since... 


Jobs you’ve had thus far (including internships)?

Game Operations, Grand Valley State

Event Operations GA at Kansas State University

Event Management Assistant at UConn

Assistant Director Event Management and Facilities at Wake Forest

Associate Director Event Management and Scheduling at Wake Forest

Director Event Management and Facilities at Wake Forest

Assistant AD Athletic Event and Facility Operations at Wake Forest

Associate Athletic Director Event and Facility Operations and serving on our Senior Leadership Team--Wake Forest.


How you landed the job at Wake Forest?

I had an incredible internship at UConn and truly felt ready for the next step. I started to apply to full-time jobs, and Wake Forest had an entry level position. I was fortunate enough to get offered the position after multiple rounds of interviews. I fell in love with the campus and the vibe immediately. Wake Forest is a special place with tremendous opportunities. I've been very fortunate to build my professional foundation here and continue to grow and evolve as an administrator every day. 


Favorite event you’ve hosted at Wake Forest?

2018 NCAA Men's and Women's Tennis National Championship. The event spanned 12 days, hosted over 32 teams, and hundreds of individuals/doubles student-athletes. It was a massive undertaking for our entire department that was capped off by our men's team winning the National Champ on their home turf! 


Favorite Quote?

"Don't make your lack of preparation, my emergency" (inside joke I have with my staff). Serious quote "People will forget what you said. They will forget what you did. But they will never forget how you made them feel." Maya Angelou 


Dream Job?

My dream job is to be the #2 in a high functioning athletic department (Deputy AD). I want to be the person behind the scenes making it all happen and supporting our coaches and student-athletes. 


Advice for current Sport Management Students?

Keep grinding. Shake as many hands as possible and provide value to those you interact with--people will remember that down the line (see above quote!). Always go the extra mile and pay attention to the all matters! 


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