Drew Coble '23

Drew Coble '23

Where you are from

Lake Orion, Michigan

Any sports played in high school or college?

I played High School and I am currently playing collegiate golf

Favorite place to eat on campus?


Favorite place to eat off campus?

Main Street

Favorite class?

Current Topics In Sport Management SPM 356

390 Internship?
390 and 490 Sports Marketing Intern

What is your end goal job?
A collegiate golf coach

What do you do at your internship?

Operate the video boards at games, Operate the music at games, run all in game promotions as well as oversee and run student giveaways at games, accompany
Louie to special events, help create social media posts, help create an exciting game day atmosphere. Office work which includes help creating game day scripts, helping with coming up with ideas for new promotions, going to local business to give out free schedule cards to help spread the word of upcoming games, and rolling A LOT of T-Shirts!

What is your favorite part of the internship?

My favorite part of the internship is being able to help create a game day atmosphere that allows our teams to compete at the highest level to win championships!

Any special skill that you use or had to learn at your internship or job?

I had to learn how to use social media and how to create exciting content to attract fans to games and help promote giveaways.

Favorite thing that you get to do at your internship or job?

Working Games.

Advice for students searching for internships or jobs?

Keep searching, this is a very tough and competitive industry to find internship opportunities in. I would also say to start early, don’t make the mistake of waiting until SPM 390 to start your internships then, it might even help you find internships for 390 and 490 based on those connections you built up before you started the classes. Also for Student-Athletes use your inside resources within Grand Valley Athletics, there are many opportunities within the athletic department and many of you might already have those connections inside the department from playing your sport!

Advice for students currently in an internship or job?

Don’t be afraid to ask for tasks outside the job description or your comfort zone! It will show your employer that you are willing to go above and beyond the job description!

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