Andrew Slocum '23

Andrew Slocum '23

Where are you from?

Muskegon, MI

Any sports played in high school?

Played football and baseball in high school

Favorite Class?

Event and Facilities Management, Statistics in Sport, Sport Economics

Favorite thing to do outside of school?

Go to Grand Haven Beach

490 Internship?

Sales Intern for Ferris State Athletics at Peak Sports MGMT

Dream Job?

Athletic Director

What are your responsibilities at your internship?

Peak Sports MGMT is the multimedia rights holder for various college athletic departments. We are tasked with overseeing and generating all of the corporate partnerships and sponsorship revenue for our partner schools. My internship involves assisting Ferris State in prospecting potential sponsors, cold-calling, and setting meetings for our General Manager. We listen to what our potential partner is looking for within Ferris State's sponsorship opportunities and customize packages that fit their needs and capabilities

Favorite part of the internship?

The creativity aspect of customizing sponsorship packages. For example, we just had a meeting with the Michigan State Police. They want to promote their "30x30 National Movement" initiative where their goal is to have women represent 30% of the police force by 2030. We were able to create a marketing package that included Student Engagement and Brand Awareness objectives. The package includes being the title sponsor for Ferris State's new Leadership Program and promoting the program with a monthly "MSP MVP" award given to the student-athlete that best represents the leadership qualities the Michigan State Police looks for. The MSP was impressed with our presentation and we are now awaiting on a signed agreement from their head of marketing. We spent weeks brainstorming ideas to best fit the needs of the MSP, and it was such a rewarding feeling when they praised our ideas!

Any special skill that you use or had to learn at your internship?

An interesting concept that I wasn’t much aware of before my internship was the
concept of Peak Sports MGMT and companies like it. While I’m selling for Ferris State, I
actually am employed by Peak Sports MGMT. FSU hired Peak Sports MGMT as a third-
party to assist in boosting sponsorship and ticket sales revenue for their athletic
department. So while I’m involved in all of Ferris State’s athletics meetings and interact
with other departments here, I’m technically not a Ferris State intern. Turns out, most
NCAA athletic departments hire these third-party companies to assist them as well.
Companies like Learfield, The Aspire Group, and Legends are all hired by universities to
handle their sponsorship and ticket sales revenue generation.

Advice for students searching for internships or jobs?

Start searching early, apply often, and that there are many students like you, separate yourself!

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