Lizzie Raider '22

Lizzie Raider '22

Where you are from?

Novi, MI

Any sports played in high school or college?

Horseback riding 

Favorite place to eat on campus?

Panda Express

Favorite place to eat off campus?


490 Internship?

Corporate Sales Internship with the Grand Rapids Griffins

What is your end goal job?

Working as a game director for a minor league baseball or hockey team 

What was your responsibilities at your internship?

Game nights I helped set up our Kids’ Club, signage throughout the arena, supervised giveaways, and engaged fans in sponsorship activities. In the office, we would help with Griffins Youth Foundation fundraisers, fulfill donation requests, organize our storage spaces, and run various errands to help out my department or the rest of the office. 

What is your favorite part of the internship?

I got to watch a lot of hockey and the office was super helpful whenever I had questions or needed help.

Any special skill that you use or had to learn at your internship or job?

I got to learn how to ice skate!

Favorite thing that you get to do at your internship or job?

We had ‘Move of the Game’, and I would go to the upper bowl to find a family of 4 to move to the lower bowl. It was really fulfilling getting to see how excited families would get when I would offer them better seats. 

 Advice for students searching for internships or jobs: is a great place to start looking and comparing jobs/internships!

Advice for students currently in an internship or job

Internships are a learning experience, so don’t be afraid to ask questions!

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