Bo Thorgren '24

Bo Thorgren '24

Where you are from
Valparaiso, IN
Any sports played in high school or college?
High School: Football, baseball, & golf
Favorite place to eat on campus?
Blue Connection
Favorite place to eat off campus?
Chick Fil A
Favorite class?
SPM 376 w/ Dr. Coles
Favorite thing to do outside of school?
Going thrifting or golfing with friends
390 Internship?
Business Operations Intern at Valpo Parks, in office of assistant director, now current director
What is your end goal job?
Front office in professional sports organization
What do you do at your internship?
Help facilitate sponsorship opportunities, meet with adult and youth sport league
coordinators to assist in planning for events, different programs.
What is your favorite part of the internship?
Spending time with different youth sports teams, as well as seniors to gain
different perspectives from two very different age ranges.
Any special skill that you use or had to learn at your internship or job?
Patience, and willingness to learn. Being able to immerse myself in all different
types of sport at a parks and recreational level, as well as collaborating with high
schools and other facilities that are local to Valparaiso.
Any event or fun activity related to the internship that most people may not know about?
Discovery Daycamp, the summer daycamp that takes place at one of our parks and
runs through the duration of the summer with different activities and day trips planned
every day, and at least 50 counselors to give the kids a personalized experience.
Favorite thing that you get to do at your internship or job?

Meet with city officials to discuss the future sports complex being built, discuss
budgets, and meet with contracting companies that were responsible for deciding the
logistics/ what the parks needed specifically.
Advice for students searching for internships or jobs
Don’t be afraid to apply to something you may not feel qualified for, and search
for strong qualities in your past work that make you a good fit.
Advice for students currently in an internship or job
Make sure your work is impressive/ something that you are proud of, and be
willing to volunteer or work for free if necessary to help get your foot in the door.

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