10 Questions with alum Nate Maury

10 Questions with alum Nate Maury

Hometown, High School, and Activities you participated in? 

I grew up in Lake City, Michigan and attended Lake City High School. During high school I participated in Football, Basketball and Baseball. During college I was a member of the Club Baseball team and played many different intramural sports. 

Major at GV and graduation year? 

I graduated from GVSU in 2015 with a B.S in Physical Education - Sport Leadership and a Minor in Business.

Favorite Class? 

ECO 330 - Sports Economics was one of my favorite classes. I am really big into dealing with budgets and the financial side of the sports world and this class really stood out to me. I do have to say that CAP 305 - Sports Promotions was a very close second. 

Favorite memory as a Laker?

Being a part of intramural sports was probably one of the most memorable experiences for me. I had a ton of fun meeting new people and continuing to play a lot of the sports that I played in High School as well as getting to try new sports as well. 

Jobs you’ve had thus far (including internships)? 

I have had a lot of experience in my career in sports in a variety of different fields. 

Assistant Golf Course Superintendent - Missaukee Golf Club

Youth Golf Instructor - Missaukee Golf Club

Intramural Sports Official - GVSU

Intramural Sports Intern - GVSU

Athletics Intern/Game Event Operations - Byron Center High School

District Athletic Director - Byron High School

District Athletic Director - Grayling High School

High School Baseball Coach the past 6 years (4 years at the Varsity level)

Registered Basketball/Baseball Official - MHSAA & Little League

Grayling Little League Board Member

Favorite Quote? 

There may be people who have more talent than you, but there’s no excuse for anyone to work harder than you do – and I believe that. – Derek Jeter

Dream Job? 

I really enjoy what I currently do at the high school level, but my dream job is to either work in a collegiate athletic department as an Associate AD or take over for Al Avila and be the General Manager of the Detroit Tigers.

Advice for current Sport Management Students? 

My biggest advice for Sports Management students is to get out and start volunteering with as many organizations as you can. There are so many different career paths that you are able to do with this degree that it can be overwhelming at times. By getting out and volunteering you will be able to help narrow what area of sports management best fits what you want to do. I did a lot of different things at GVSU and I talk about them in my professional life almost on a weekly basis. 

How did you land your current job? 

I am from Northern Michigan and I had always dreamed of being able to live and work up here. When the Grayling position became available, I jumped all over it. I grew up just 30 minutes to the west of there and they are a top 10 public school in the state every year for academics. There is also very strong community support for the school and its athletic programs that it makes it a great place to want to work. I have really enjoyed my 3+ years there so far and look forward to continuing my career here. 

Favorite thing you've done in your current role?

My favorite thing that I have done in my current role is host a variety of different MHSAA Postseason Tournaments. It is a great honor to me personally when the MHSAA selects your school and I make sure that I do the best that I can to put on a great tournament. In my short career as an Athletic Director (5 years) I have been able to host well over a dozen MHSAA Tournaments in 7 different sports.


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