GA Application Steps

These graduate assistantships are held by students in the graduate College of Education, College Student Affairs Leadership (CSAL) emphasis. 

There are dual application processes that are required when applying for CSAL graduate assistantships:
1. Apply for admission to the College of Education
2. Once admitted, apply for CSAL Graduate Assistantships

*Candidates do not need to apply for each individual assistantship. The general CSAL Graduate Assistantship Application will be available for all positions.  Please note that the CSAL Graduate Assistantship Application must be submitted by Friday, January 18, 2019. 

CSAL Graduate Assistantship Requirements:

Each Graduate Assistantship requires a baccalaureate degree and admission to the College of Education M.Ed. program. Students must pursue the M.Ed. in Higher Education degree with an emphasis in College Student Affairs Leadership (CSAL). Graduate assistants work 20 hours per week from the beginning of August through May.

Award Process
While the Dean of Students Office coordinates the application process, all decisions to offer Graduate Assistantships are made by the staff in each office that sponsors an assistantship. Typically, these decisions are made by March 15.

The stipend for Graduate Assistantships is $9,000 for a 10 month appointment in non-housing departments. For Graduate Assistants in Housing, the stipend is $7,120 for a 10 month appointment plus housing accommodation and meal plan. A tuition waiver covers up to 24 credit hours per year.  Please note that details pertaining to stipends and tuition waivers are subject to change.

To apply for a CSAL Graduate Assistantship submit the following through the online CSAL Graduate Assistantship Application site, which is accessible via a link that will be mailed to you upon admission:

1. Resume;

2. Names and contact information of three references; and

3. Statement of Intent. Please submit a two to three page statement which addresses the reasons you are interested in the student affairs profession and graduate study in the CSAL program. This statement should also address the skills and experience you will bring to not only a graduate assistantship but also to the academic program.

If you have any questions about the graduate assistantship application process or about the positions posted below, contact:

Aaron Haight
Assistant Dean of Students

2019-20 Graduate Assistantships

Positions for the 2019-20 academic year will be posted in November of 2018.  Candidates must submit the CSAL Graduate Assistantship Application in order to apply.  A link to to the CSAL Graduate Assistantship Application will be sent to students that are admitted into the CSAL program without conditions via e-mail.  The CSAL Graduate Assistantship Application must be submitted by Friday, January 18, 2019.

Extended-Year Positions

Career Center

Career Center Graduate Assistant

College of Community and Public Service

CCPS-UAC Graduate Assistant

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Academic Advising Center

CLAS General Advising Graduate Assistantship

Pre-Professional Advising Position

Housing and Residence Life

Assistant Living Center Director

Milton E. Ford LGBT Resource Center

Milton E. Ford LGBT Resource Center Graduate Assistant

Office of Student Life

Graduate Assistant for Programming - Laker Traditions

Student Academic Success Center

Oliver Wilson Freshman Academy - Academic Success Coach

University Counseling Center (Alcohol and Other Drug Campus Education and Services - ACES)

ACES Graduate Assistant

Career Counseling

Academic-Year Positions

Brooks College Office of Integrative Learning and Advising

Integrative Learning and Advising Graduate Assistant

College of Health Professions (CHP) Student Services Office

CHP Student Services Office Graduate Assistant

LAKER Academic Success Center

Graduate Student Advisor for the Laker Academic Success Center (Student-Athletes)

Office for Community Engagement - Provost's Office

Civic Learning and Community Engagement Graduate Assistant

Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships

Financial Literacy Graduate Assistant

Office of Student Life

Graduate Assistant for Fraternity and Sorority Life

Graduate Assistant for Student Organization and Leadership Development

Pathways to College

GVSU Pathways to College

Seidman Undergraduate Programs

Seidman Undergraduate Programs Graduate Assistantship

Additional Positions

Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships 

Financial Aid and Scholarship Front Desk Graduate Assistant *

*10-Month Position 1st Year; 9-Month Position 2nd Year 

Padnos College of Engineering and Computing (PCEC) Student Services

Academic Advising Graduate Assistant (12-Month Position)

Please visit the Graduate Schools website for other graduate assistantship openings.


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