Child Standardized Patient Application

The Standardized Patient Program is proud to recruit and employ children, anywhere from 15 days old to 17 years old, to provide students with learning experiences related to pediatrics. Students practice many different assessment skills such as speech, physical fitness, developmental, ultrasound, and physical examinations with our pediatric standardized patients.

Children will be financially compensated for their participating in standardized patient events. Parents are required to be with their child during the duration of the event. Children under six years of age will need a signed physician’s note on letter head detailing that they are eligible to participate in the program and that participation will not be detrimental to their health in any way. There are a number of tax forms that will need to be filled out as well for children of all ages. Children under 6 years of age will be paid a total of $45.00 to compensate for the time it took to fill out the paperwork and to obtain the physician's note.


“I like meeting the students. They are nice. I like teaching them how to work with me. Sometimes, they make me laugh!"

~ Pediatric Standardized Patient

“My kids enjoy the program because they enjoy working and getting paid for it!! I especially enjoy the ultrasound pediatric events and so do my kids because you can see their heart.  The kids think it is cool and as a parent it is cool to see!! I also like that it gets the kids involved and teaches them about working!”

~ Parent of Pediatric Standardized Patients

“My boys have been participating in the SP program at GVSU for several years now and are always excited to go! They love to “work” and as a parent it is great to provide the GVSU students with real life practice with the pediatric population.” 

~ Parent of Pediatric Standardized Patients

“Our son has been a part of the SPP for more than 10 years!  We continue to enjoy meeting new students.  It gives our son an opportunity to verbalize what he needs and instruct the students on what works best for him. We’ve even gained some new techniques in the process.  It is still incredible to watch the graduate students connect with our son.”

~ Parent of a Pediatric Standardized Patient

Students work with a pediatric standardized patient.

“Our kids love participating in this program! It makes them feel so grown up to receive a paycheck with their name on it and to deposit it into their bank account. Plus, the sessions are fun! The students who work with them are kind and helpful, and our kids enjoy answering their questions and performing the requested tasks. I appreciate the program for all of these reasons, and also because it exposes my kids to more career options for their future.”

~ Parent of Pediatric Standardized Patients

Student working with a pediatric standardized patient.
Audiology student working with a pediatric SP
Audiology student working with a pediatric standardized patient
Students working with pediatric SPs

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