Standardized Technical Communicator Program

Welcome to the Standardized Technical Communicator Program at Grand Valley State University. As a component of the Simulation Center our Standardized Technical Communicator Program facilitates opportunities for students to develop and practice skills essential to outstanding clinical practice and safe patient care. We employ individuals who have the ability to portray the role of patients with many different conditions and emotional states in inpatient settings.  

The GVSU Standardized Technical Communicator Program currently serves students from many academic programs which include Nursing, Physician Assistant Studies, and Physical Therapy. 

The mission of the Grand Valley Simulation Team and Learning Resource Center is to promote interprofessional health care delivery by enhancing professional competencies through a safe, interactive and engaging learning environment. The information below outlines the expectations we have for employees of the Standardized Technical Communicator Program as well as the policies and procedures essential to accomplish our mission.

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Standardized Technical Communicator Manual

For more information about the Standardized Technical Communicator Program, read through the Standardized Technical Communicator Program Manual.

Request Additional Information

To request additional information regarding the Standardized Technical Communicator Program, please contact Doug Ayers.

Hear From Our Standardized Technical Communicators!

"It's an honor being a part of such a great program that is training the next generation of nurses plus being a different character each day is tons of fun!"

-- Samantha Gauthier, Standardized Technical Communicator

Samantha Gauthier

High fidelity manikins Lucina and Super Tory in CHS 315C
A view of the nurse station in CHS 315
Students working with a manikin
Nursing students in the hospital suite

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