Standardized Patient Frequently Asked Questions

Question: “How much do I get paid?”

Answer: Standardized Patients, both adult and child, are paid an hourly wage and are always paid a minimum of three hours per event worked.

*Tax forms are required to be filled out before you can work.


Question: “Where are you located?”

Answer: We are located in the Cook-DeVos Center for Health Sciences building (CHS) located at, 301 Michigan Street NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49305. When you are scheduled to work an event, you will get detailed information on which room we will need you to report to.


Question: “Is parking provided?”

Answer: Yes, parking is provided. You will receive a parking pass from the parking booth located behind our building off from Lafayette Street, which gives you access to parking located at our building. The parking attendant will instruct you on the areas which you will be eligible to park in with your day pass.


Question: “How many times a semester can I expect to work?”

Answer: Most standardized patients (SPs) work between four and five times a semester.


Question: “How do I get into the program?

Answer: You will need to read the Standardized Patient Manuel and fill out the application form, located in the ‘Adult SP Forms’ tab. Once you have these forms filled out, you can submit your application to Cindy Bartman, You will be emailed further information on an orientation date once your application is received.

Page last modified September 15, 2017