Patient Simulators

With fourteen high-fidelity simulators, nineteen medium-fidelity simulators, and several low-fidelity manikins and task trainers, the Grand Valley State University (GVSU) Interprofessional Simulation Center has the opportunity to provide students with an endless amount of lifelike patient care scenarios. The Simulation Center owns high-fidelity simulators from major simulation manufacturers such as CAE, Laerdal, and Gaumard. Each simulator has special capabilities which provide unique learning experiences for students. The CAE Lucina and Gaumard Victoria maternal/fetal simulator can mimic a realistic birth. The CAE Apollo and Laerdal SimMan 3G simulators are capable of medication recognition. The pediatric simulators, including Gaumard’s Pediatric Hal and Super Tory infant simulators allow learners to care for pediatric patients of various ages.

The GVSU Interprofessional Simulation Center hospital suite is equipped with one ICU room, nine medical-surgical hospital rooms, and a maternity suite. Faculty have a designated observation room that is equipped with streaming equipment to observe and evaluate simulation encounters. The simulation staff work in an advanced control room to operate the simulator software and portray the voice of the patient. The simulation team works closely with faculty to continually update our resources to best meet the learning objectives, enhance student experiences while providing a safe learning environment.

Students from all healthcare disciplines from the Kirkhof College of Nursing, College of Health Professions, College of Education and Community Innovation, and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences have the unique opportunity to expand their assessment, critical thinking, and therapeutic communication skills by practicing patient care in this state-of-the-art simulation facility. No matter the scenario, students will be immersed in a real-life clinical setting, better preparing them for their healthcare careers after graduation.

Meet the manikins

High Fidelity Adult Manikins

High Fidelity Pediatric/Infant Manikins

Mid and Low Fidelity Adult Manikins

Mid and Low Fidelity Pediatric/Infant Manikins

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